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Crab body full of parasites? So disgusting how to eat healthily autumn has passed, is about to usher in the season for eating crab. Chinese is the world’s most love to eat crab people in Germany, Britain, American exclaimed crabs rampant, people will enthusiastically volunteered to go to disaster relief". Data analysis, every year is the famous "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs market consumption up to 20 thousand tons. The earliest crab is called "crab", also "Xie", because of the rampant, so later called "near Xie", namely the crab crawl sideways. Crabs and spiders belong to the same kind of arthropods. There is a natural fear of human vermin, the words "the first person to eat crabs, dare to try to describe. The first person to eat crabs, then swallowed a spider like should be like, want to do is heroic, and he or she is hungry. So, Chinese must be the bravest man in the world, because we have a long history of crab. It is said that the Zhou Dynasty aristocracy began to eat crabs, Zhou Dai sacrifices to Jinxian "crab Xu", is made of crab sauce. After each dynasty "chowhound" have to extend their history of building blocks, such as the Song Dynasty, the crab crab, crab bucket now famous lotus. Crab = eat parasites? Dave eat crab is this why not head foreigners eat crabs? They are said to be concerned about the parasite. Europe and the United States more love such as chowhound crab, king crab, Huang Daoxie, from April to October have to eat a few kilograms, and even a giant crab has 18 kilograms of meat, eat up easily, unlike the hairy "crab eight" rare and difficult under the mouth, said the average only need to eat a one hour. In China, because the crab infection, not new. For example, Sichuan Chengdu Jianyang a farmer, I heard the crab Paojiu cure rheumatism, so in the field to catch the more than and 10 bubble into the liquor drink every day. Shortly after the dizziness, slurred speech, time wasting, in the hospital, the doctor found dozens of parasites in his brain, the brain is almost eating light. 2013, Hubei, Enshi, 16 year old boy suddenly fell asleep while sleeping, was sent to Wuhan rescue. The doctor found that his brain is also a long parasite, suspected of living in the vicinity of the river to eat crab. In 2015, Xi’an several children infected with paragonimiasis, suspected to be due to eat crab caused by halfcooked. Lung flukes invade the brain, which can cause paralysis. Similar cases occur every year. In fact, frogs, crabs and other aquatic products easily parasites, the naked eye can see. The world’s most favorite crab eating area, Hongkong, China, scholars have been concerned about the problem of crab parasites, and found that one of the most likely to be called the "crab insect" parasites, it can be filled with crab body. The female sacculina worm will take the initiative to find non infected crabs, found immediately after attached to the shell soft part, such as the abdomen, and then injecting into the crab body, continuous growth, growth, growth, blood cavity branch penetration into the host, eventually throughout the body. Finally, poor crabs will become like this black speckle pattern are "sacculina bug" when the body is long enough, sacculina insects will expand to reproductive organs like pillow in host crab abdomen for male sacculina worm.相关的主题文章:

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