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Dad busy work, how to accompany the child? What is the speech out mother – Sohu real company author Zhang Defen |, often encounter some female friends to ask, how to balance family and career? I usually answer, career can wait for you, children can’t wait. However, it is not practical for the child to put down his or her own work, so my advice is usually: high quality company is more important than how much time you spend with him. However, when my own children grow up, I found that their previous company is still far from enough, whether it is quality or time, can be better, a little more. So, advise the children, parents are old people to spend more time and energy to accompany their loved ones. However, the company does not have to be in the same place. I am convinced that sometimes people who love each other, even though they have to separate the two places, but your "in", your "attention" and "love" has always been in the form of an energy to stay around the people you love. As long as he felt it, he was able to perceive it. This form to push a little further, even the deceased loved ones. Although they are not in the body, but as long as you believe that they love you, that love will be filled with energy in your environment, in your breath in the air at midnight you ear, they are. Many people lost their loved ones, for a long time to get out, this is actually a kind of psychological dependence. If you are an adult, even if the parents passed away, the lover died, you know that their love is still in your mind should be filled with happy memories of them. We can’t get out of the bereavement because we have too much fear, guilt and dependence within us that are not what we are and what we have to do to feel the power of love. In this case, even if the person you love is still around you, you still can’t feel the love. Therefore, the real company is accompanied by high quality, focused on the company, at any time to respond to the needs of the company. But we also need to learn how to "accompany", open their hearts, to feel each other’s energy, don’t need to talk or actual contact, as long as the other side of the spirit, in the mind, you can feel his companion. In this way, you can give out the company, the quality is higher. How to give effective family to accompany the author | Kai TERT children’s hearts need parents to nourish. Even if the work is busy, should also keep the frequency and quality of the company. The reason why I opened the Kay uncle storytelling WeChat public number is derived from their own daughter’s company. Every day to tell her daughter three or four stories, which is the normal life. Then simply tell his daughter to tell the story to share with you. Do do actually became a career, and now every day to tell the story of about 4000000 children. Because of this career, but with his daughter’s time is getting less and less. But I also try to ensure that every day before they go home to sleep, tell a story. It has become a ritual thing in my house.相关的主题文章:

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