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Daniel Craig intends to continue to play in the 007 previous interpretation of speech – Sohu Daniel entertainment Juyan – Craig’s James – Bond (source: time network) last week "007" film production company staff said: "the 007 starred in Casino Royale" and "007 party": Ghost four "007" series of films – Daniel Craig is the next James Bond movie first choice. Recently, Daniel – Craig also said it is considering re change the topic of conversation again in the role. A year ago in the 007: ghost party propaganda media interview, Craig said he would rather cut wrist, do not want to play in Bond". But now his attitude is not so resolute. In a recent interview with the website Vulture, Craig explained that, before the interview was arranged in the "ghost" just fixing the day after, everyone is very tired, I have made such remarks. "I wouldn’t have been at home for a year. 007 the movie was great, it was a good job and I enjoyed it." He also said: "for me, I have the best job in the world, I will keep going until they kick me out. If I no longer take bond, I will miss this role." There are rumors that the film provides a staggering $150 million to Craig, hoping that he would be able to shoot the two "movie" 007. In addition, the "007 big sky" and "broken murder 007: Ghost" director Sam Mendes will not return to guide the next film the flowers who has not yet been determined. Daniel Craig decided not to go 007 suspected of this period of time, candidate Tom hiddleston, Iraq – Alba and Jamie – Baer drese et al have been seen as the next James Bond, hiddleston also this summer are traced as new Bond and the film side met.相关的主题文章:

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