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Determine the winner of the moment: Feng Shanshan battles "after the five hole challenge — Hainan window – Rio Olympic Games, women’s golf Chinese Olympic athlete Feng Shanshan won the first gold medal for Chinese, for golf in Chinese development opened a new page. September 29th, the world’s women’s golf tournament 2016 heavy Chinese LPGA China will be held in Beijing. The classic foreign players of great line-up, including the new women’s British Open champion is ranked second in the world of Thailand players Arija, Canada’s Brook? Henderson, Norway’s Susan Peterson? Etc.. In the face of the tyrannical high society, also launched a powerful lineup, in addition to the qualification of LPGA players Feng Shanshan, Lin Xiyu and Yan Jing, Feng Simin four, including Chinese women’s occupation of top golfer Zhang Weiwei and Shi Yuting 13 people and amateur players Liu Wenbo and He Muni will be chinese. The Elite Race Championship is unpredictable, and the concern "match game" Red Bull after the five hole challenge champion is also full of great suspense, a lot of fans even after five hole game called "the championship moment", and the winner will receive prize money beyond the $50 thousand bonus. (commissioning editor Liu Yangyang and Chen Haiyan)相关的主题文章:

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