Exaggeration to deformation! Vitoria to change the face of a smelly face pack steam_api.dll

Exaggeration to deformation! Vitoria changed face variable expression package Beckham wife talked excitedly on the show, exaggerated expression of Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Beckham’s wife, Vitoria [micro-blog] not only eye-catching appearance, the development of the clothing brand’s achievement. However, we often face the camera, this Vitoria is always wearing sunglasses, not too much smile, is recognized as the "female showbiz stinky face"! But recently, when interviewed on the program in Vitoria, when she found that she talked about the excitement of the Department, the sudden incarnation of the facial expression package, fancy expression endless! Users also can not help but laugh: I finally know why she wants to face." Recently, Vitoria to participate in the program revealed a previous school sports day, together with her parents promised to run after them, how to know the end she dumped her a promise, go ahead, let Vitoria this is not the taste. At the same time, Vitoria in the process of telling the story, but also because of her exaggerated expression was taken to the face deformation". In the past Vitoria is always not much expression, so this is the first time to see photos of many users, there are people laughing "finally know why she always face the."相关的主题文章:

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