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File October Iqiyi   contemporary home to create the first drama "friction" gene code — real estate — (Note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) [Objective] whether vivid life, or the silence of the building, or seemingly virtual indistinct attitude towards life, the development of all things, are evolving in their genes. And if we look at an enterprise as an ecosystem, it is also a dynamic evolutionary process in terms of height, stability, breadth, and growth rate. In September 28, 2016, the "home of contemporary MoMA gene evolution" as the theme of the drama "real estate" gene MoMA conference, scheduled opening in the contemporary production of a Broadway shows shows! Many real estate industry leaders, media reporters, television and other guests invited to star entrepreneurs gathered in this forum, in the contemporary home guide, enjoy "innovative effect of MoMA gene evolution brings to life and development of real estate enterprises. "[MoMA" Trailer video link: [] for the first time the creative team collective debut] [contemporary home executive director and CEO Mr. Zhang Peng] contemporary home executive director and CEO Mr. Zhang Peng in his speech expressed the contemporary home for the first time in the beginning of the heart: Investment gene plays contemporary home 16 years to have its own significant gene green technology innovation, gene and gene. In 16 years, in addition, a non production of this symbol also has a clear label, contemporary home now steadfast to do space operations, to customer demand as the center, the user first. So we want more non production shows a personality, life, content. "The code of the people" this play reflects the content, reflects the life, embodies the symbol of personality and human nature, reflects the future of the unknown. In fact, the unknown is our survival and development of the biggest driving force. The code is a property, but the art and the gene is no boundaries. Contemporary home with different art forms will be the future of our unknown. [Huayi Brothers, Huayi text brigade acting director Qiming Oriental President Mr. Mark?] so the conference also invited the Huayi Brothers, Huayi Ming text brigade acting president Mr. Mark to visit the Oriental board? ": MoMA" this film, more expression of a real estate. Contemporary home has always been a love spell of the enterprise, now the most difficult is to create a resonance era, to achieve the supply and demand sides of a kind of symmetry and information. The contemporary home in the real estate on this road has been in continuous innovation and creation, to take the initiative and the era of convergence and collision, to create a production of non members belonging to the way of life in the present work, the lifestyle of operators. Huayi Qiming Oriental and contemporary both genetic and geographical, and we are willing to go today. The collision of thinking can often produce a strong driving force. The conference site arrangement from the estate, art, media and other industries have a large coffee conversation. Real estate from the media alliance and the development of the space industry alliance相关的主题文章:

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