Foreign media Chinese and foreign ministers at the same time oppose North Korea’s nuclear weapons

Foreign media: Sino US foreign opposition to North Korea’s nuclear weapons – Sohu News Reference News Network February 25th U.S. media reported that the United States and China 23 on the UN draft resolution on sanctions against North Korea in progress. According to the The Associated Press reported on February 23rd, China foreign minister Wang Yi and US Secretary of state Kerrey said after meeting in Washington, the draft is in by officials to assess, and then will be submitted to the UN Security council. Reported that both countries vowed not to accept North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons, and said that this resolution will have enough forced the Kim Jeong-eun regime to reconsider its strategy. Wang Yi said his talks with Kerrey made progress in discussing sanctions resolution and sending all members of the Security Council to review. He said, can not accept North Korea’s nuclear and missile development program, can not accept North Korea’s nuclear status, and said the United Nations Security Council consultations involving in the new resolution has made great progress in the near future, is expected to reach an agreement. Reported that Wang Yi and Kerrey have said that this resolution is not for the purpose of increasing confrontation with the Kim Jeong-eun regime, but to convince it to restore to end North Korea’s nuclear program talks. "We have made significant progress, very constructive talks," Kerrey said, "there is no doubt that if the resolution is passed, it will be beyond all our previous documents by." Pyongyang hasn’t been conciliatory since the nuclear test in January this year, the report said. It recently said that if it felt threatened by the upcoming US South Korean military exercise, it would have a "strategic" response. Kerrey said that if North Korea gave up nuclear weapons, it could one day negotiate a formal peace agreement with the United States and end hostilities. Kerrey also said that without North Korea’s weapons threatening the entire region, the United States would not have to deploy the terminal high altitude zone defense system (THAAD) in South korea. Although the United States insists the system is aimed at North Korea, China is worried that the deployment of the system in South Korea will break the balance of regional power and lead to tension between China and South korea.     外媒:中美外长同声反对朝鲜拥有核武器-搜狐新闻  参考消息网2月25日报道美媒称,美国和中国23日就联合国制裁朝鲜决议草案事宜取得进展。   据美联社2月23日报道,中国外长王毅和美国国务卿克里在华盛顿会晤后表示,草案尚在由官员们进行评估,然后会递交给联合国安理会。   报道称,两国都誓言不接受朝鲜拥有核武器,并表示相信这份决议会有足够分量迫使金正恩政权重新考虑其战略。   王毅称其与克里的会谈在商讨草拟制裁决议案送安理会全体成员国审议方面取得进展。他表示,不能接受朝鲜的核、导开发计划,不能承认朝鲜的拥核国地位,并称目前联合国安理会涉朝新决议的磋商已取得重要进展,有望近期内达成一致。   报道称,王毅和克里都表示,这份决议案的目的不是加剧与金正恩政权的对峙,而是说服它恢复旨在结束朝鲜核计划的谈判。   “我们取得了重大进展,会谈极具建设性,”克里说,“毋庸置疑,如果这份决议案得以通过,它会超越我们以前通过的一切文件。”   报道称,自今年1月的核试验以来,平壤丝毫未缓和语气。它最近表示,如果它感到即将举行的美韩军演对自己构成威胁,它会作出“战略”反应。   克里说,若朝鲜放弃研制核武器,它终有一天可以与美国谈判达成正式和平协定,终结敌对状态。克里还表示,如果没有朝鲜的武器威胁整个地区,美国就无需在韩国部署末段高空区域防御系统(THAAD)。尽管美国坚称该系统是针对朝鲜的,但中国担心在韩国部署该系统会打破地区力量均势并导致中韩关系紧张。    相关的主题文章:

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