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Foreign media comment "blind": the theme of Christ – Sohu Christopher entertainment too dignified dull – blind "Murray Christ" director Murray and the heavy tone creative debut film premiere in Venice [] (click to enter the HD photo source "variety" compiled in Christopher – Murray head) tone heavy "blind eyes of Christ" in a young man in northern Chile through the vast desert, convinced that he can create a miracle, let a friend of wound healing. The director successfully created the people who lived in a difficult environment and were forgotten by the government. They lost all hope and took religion as the last straw. However, the film is too dignified for the pursuit, so pale dull, it wants to show a reflection on the belief desire of compassion, but because of the deliberate reduced expression of sympathy. In the true sense of the film debut (previously co directed the film director "Manuel de Ribera"), Murray aims to express where faith lost everything after narrative. It seems in many ways, the film with Lewis Bunuel in the desert "Simon" on the contrary, because the latter by telling a hermit in the desert facing temptation, how many did not reflect the religious belief in sympathy. The boy Michael and Morrissey walked into a desert, the desire to become a Christian character, so that the friends of the put his hands on the trees in the cruel requirements. After dressing the wound, Michael waited for the will of God, and in the end of the fire came to God through a fire and his own dialogue. Older Michael (played by the only occupation actor Michael Silva) believe, only to find the main place in his heart to his piety by local people ridiculed. When he learned that his partner was badly hurt in his leg, he decided to find him and give him a miracle. The disturbing string, Michael barefoot on the road, came to a village, the local people are to a statue of St. Laurence. In order to allow these people to worship God, he said a prayer for forget sacrilegious craftsman story. His personal independence of conduct were not popular and is therefore subject to the flesh of bitterness. Next, he met the initiative to help him find Morrissey’s teenager, Bastien. Two people continue to walk in the desert, met all kinds of people on the way, the hardships they suffered or let them into religion, or let them give up faith. Although the God within this convinced, Michael still worried they will not be selected to become the person between the media, it brings him pressure, but at the same time, the people around to find the "Avatar" is not that he claimed the miraculous. Michael is a man full of contradictions. He said he was not religious (his religion and belief, but opposition) agreed to baptism for others. His faith was tested, but he felt that he could not summon the soul. Murray may not be so sympathetic to the faith itself, but to show that it is a psychological need to believe.相关的主题文章:

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