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The government purchase private hospital obstetric services was ready to receive the maternal – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Dai Lili) yesterday, Haidian District launched the "women’s and children’s health knowledge of a series of activities, reporters at the launch ceremony was informed that, at present, private hospitals have been ready, ready to be accepted by public hospitals in the building is not on file or by policy the adjustment cannot continue in a public hospital birth, pregnant women. Earlier this month, the Beijing municipal health and Family Planning Commission and other 5 departments jointly issued "on the implementation of a comprehensive two child policy to increase resources midwifery services notice", put forward a number of initiatives to protect pregnant women filing, which mentioned the need to increase maternity beds through three channels, is expected to more than 60 thousand bearing deliveries. Including: first, the public will have the special wards of midwifery institutions unified adjustment by the bed space for common ward. Two, on this basis, the further increase in the Department of Obstetrics and gynecology ward adjustment. The increase in bed adjustment in place before the end of September 2016. Three, the relevant medical institutions through cooperative leasing, purchase and other ways to expand service resources. At present, the City Planning Commission asked the city to increase by more than a thousand maternity beds, Haidian District’s mission is to increase more than 100 beds. And now, the actual opening of the 989 beds in the region, this year is expected to exceed the number of births will be more than 44000 passengers, a lot of pressure. Delivery capacity of public hospitals can not be part of the diversion to private hospitals. It is understood that Haidian District currently has 4 private midwifery institutions, a total of more than and 180 beds. Beijing Taihe hospital executive dean Guo Jiazhong introduced, in order to alleviate the pressure of public hospital admissions, Haidian District Wei Planning Commission has the intention and the negotiation of government procurement of services. If in accordance with the intention to achieve cooperation, a part of pregnant women in public hospitals not filing, delivery will be received by the private hospital. Because the private hospital price than the general public hospital to be high, the government will provide subsidies to these pregnant women, the subsidies will be paid directly to the hospital, so the hospital also can reduce the production and delivery costs for pregnant women. At present, in general the Taihe hospital, production inspection and delivery package is 29800 yuan, 30 thousand yuan less than the price of private hospitals in Beijing already belong to the lower level, if you can enjoy government subsidies, but also reduced to a certain extent. In contrast, the price has been very close to the people. It is understood that the children in the public hospital, hospital from birth to, spend roughly more than million yuan, the higher cost of some complex; many pregnant women not because of GOP, had been reading special, so down the cost may be more than 30 thousand yuan. J205相关的主题文章:

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