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Guangdong tourists to buy fake overseas travel agents can help refund eleven National Day golden week is coming, many people have a travel plan. How to do the loss of a passport to travel abroad, how to lose the rights of luggage, forced to be how to purchase rights…… Yesterday, the director of the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau Ceng Yingru led the line "Guangdong hotline", the focus of the public response. If they offered travel, forced consumption, tourists should be how to protect themselves? Want to rights, but also to prepare what is necessary evidence? Ceng Yingru, director of the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau pointed out that the Provincial Tourism Bureau received complaints from tourists forced consumption situation is relatively large, forced consumption of low-cost travel groups, are often not standardized tour group without qualification. She reminded members of the public, the newspaper group to sign the contract, whether the contract should be clear at the same time tour includes tips for invoices. Guangdong Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision and management director Zhang Guohui said, forced shopping high place in Guangdong province is part of the Pearl River Delta city, the majority of tourists complaints forced shopping for foreign tourists, they engage in illegal by Hong Kong and Macao, Macao into Zhuhai and Zhongshan, and then forced shopping. From the end of last year to jointly combat illegal shopping tour shopping so far, Guangdong closed 13 shopping spots, the 22 were handed over to the public security department for criminal responsibility. Zhang Guohui remind passengers, if found in tourism have forced shopping behavior can dial two telephone: Guangdong provincial government service hotline 12345 and the national tourism hotline 12301, providing evidence to the tourism quality inspection departments, to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. If forced consumption occurs outside the country, Zhang Guohui said, the Provincial Tourism Bureau to accept the complaint, will be traced to trace the responsibility of the group. In addition, buy fake tourists abroad, can ask the travel agency to assist or refund the payment within 30 days. Encountered forced shopping how adults? Guangdong Wei Ran Law Firm lawyer Min Lingbo pointed out that, first of all, there must be a written travel contract signed by tourists and travel agencies, and then travel invoices or payment vouchers. Min Lingbo said, write the travel itinerary and reception standard travel itinerary, tourists can control, "whether it is a temporary arrangement or tour travel agency arrangements are allowed to increase shopping, if the condition allows video recordings, proceedings a lot by sound or sound recording, video recording". In addition, Min Lingbo pointed out that if the whole group forced shopping, visitors can joint signature proof, these are relatively favorable evidence, with these proof, can find a travel agency or directly to the Tourism Bureau complaints complaints. Passport lost how to do? With what to do to prove that the Chinese embassy bid for the lost passport, for how long it takes to provide what information? Ceng Yingru responded that if it is offered outbound passport, lost by the time the dejieshe proof, then by the leader with visitors to China in local consulate bid. If it is a self-service tour of tourists lost passport, first to the local police station report, issued by the police station to prove, and then to the Chinese Embassy and consulates in the local bid. The Provincial Tourism Bureau of industry management office director Kong Xianhui added, should be submitted in the overseas passport相关的主题文章:

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