Guangzhou Acura (Acura) car lineup unveiled in Ningbo-spyair

Guangzhou Acura (Acura) car lineup unveiled in Ningbo on September 15th -18, the twenty-sixth Ningbo International Automobile Expo will be held in Ningbo International Exhibition Center grand, luxurious brand – Acura (Acura) luxury lineup of exhibitors recently exposed. Hot Guangzhou Acura (Acura) first domestic luxury SUV CDX and SUV RDX will import the urban elite blockbuster debut, bring the build process and authentic exquisite luxury cars for the Ningbo area of the North American style luxury car consumers. Yan value play, CDX tide of the full range of children in this look at the face of the era, Guangzhou Acura (Acura) the appearance of the first power ring powder booth domestic luxury SUV models CDX with fashion personality. CDX has enjoyed a version, Yue enjoy version, enjoy the version, enjoy the version of the AWD and wisdom to enjoy the version of the AWD a total of 5 models configuration, and by virtue of the price of 22.98-30.98 million, since the listing has been highly acclaimed. The young fan design bias is Acura CDX, Guangzhou (Acura) booth yen value play. The new design language from North America Acura Precision Concept concept car, according to the diamond refractive index and light dispersion design have a unique style of diamond pentagonal grille, luxurious personality. Obviously can rely on the face to eat, but it depends on the strength of CDX. 1.5L Disi turbo engine and 8 speed dual clutch transmission has comparable 2.4L self suction engine power, the strength should not be overlooked. CDX also Chinese according to consumer preferences carefully designed ultra large interior space and HUD display and other rich configuration, coupled with the rear lifting armrest of original design and a variety of color choices, feedback Chinese consumers to "exclusive luxury". It is worth mentioning that, CDX introduced a comprehensive global quality standard AQS (Acura Quality Standard), and continue to provide users with 4 years 100 thousand km free maintenance and free professional road rescue and rich services, so that consumers feel CDX luxury quality and Guangzhou Acura (Acura) professional, attentive service. In "THE WAY I AM" as the slogan, CDX shouted out those who didn’t follow, have their own faith, follow the true self of voices. With only myself can follow the "values, CDX play in the hearts of young consumers Chinese role is not just a beautiful fashion car, is constantly seeking for self on the road of life, the most understand their partner"". To ensure the quality of imported SUV sing has a high-quality security gallop import SUV models will also be a major part of the show. The main selling SUV models – 2016 RDX not only keeps the configuration and the safety performance of the top reputation, but also bring comfort edition, Elite Edition and exclusive version of the three models for the China market, full of sincerity. RDX is equipped with 2016 3.0L V6 SOHC i-VTEC VCM engine, maximum power 196kW, maximum torque of 298N – m, with plenty of power, both have the capacity".相关的主题文章:

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