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Gui’an family vacation hot   9 days off breaking 1 million people – Guizhou channel — original title: Gui’an family vacation hot October 6th 10 o’clock in the morning, the reporters came to the Gui’an district covers an area of 5.7 square kilometers, a total investment of 8 billion yuan cloud over Lake International resort. "Composed of international tourism resort, the Swiss customs area, the international community three plates, one just opened is the appearance of the core area of international tourism resort – sen Da star Eco Resort park." Gui’an district director of tourism and cultural industry development center Huang Hui introduced, Sen Da star Eco Resort Park covers an area of 2200 mu, composed of parent-child resorts, ecological park, star camp three, will build the country’s first real family type natural ecological park, to create a one-stop family vacation mode. The first phase of the project opened by the wonderful island (wetland science manor District), Rainbow Garden, wind in the valley, and mountain forest adventure roaming five theme areas, with a happy family ecological experience as the main line, which provides different functional attributes of the holiday experience. Reporters on the scene saw the whole resort area crowded, the car on the road to the car. It is understood that during the national day, where the introduction of International Equestrian carnival, Basel carnival parade, Basel carnival celebrations, Europe and the United States free trade fairs, the characteristics of tide products delicacy exchange, the world’s top luxury cars exhibition and Sen Da star Eco Resort Park series of activities. In addition, Gui’an tourists attractions, scenic village seven Beidou Chetian, your Australian agriculture and tourism industry demonstration park, Wan Huachan Institute, Longshan, Yelang Valley and other scenic spots almost every day is bursting. Reporters came to the Gui’an district focus on building the Stone Art Village Art Park, Guizhou in 2015 won the "top ten beautiful village" title. On the train, in the scenic area under the jurisdiction of Tian Chetian, get off the Tiansan villages, the village mainly minority small saplings, now has more than and 200 years of history. The building houses hidden in a wild profusion of vegetation in the woods, a clear river through the village and. "September 28th Chinese (Guizhou) International folk cultural tourism products fair since the 9 day period, Gui’an cumulative number of tourists exceeded 1 million passengers reached 1 million 82 thousand and 800 passengers, compared with the previous year growth of 49.8% over the same period, the total tourism revenue reached 570 million yuan, an increase of 54.9%." Huang Hui said. ((Zhang Guangping): Chen Kangqing, commissioning editor Tu min)相关的主题文章:

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