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Home-Appliances According to Dean Matthews of AAA Airwaves Air Conditioning and Heating, which specializes in AC and heating repairs in Okaloosa, Florida, pretty much anything that forms and grows inside your air ducts will eventually be.e a part of the air that you and your family regularly breathe in. That is why Matthews re.mends using UV lights in your homes air ducts. Many people are diligent about sanitizing their kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, but how much attention are they paying to their air ducts? More than likely, the answer is probably very little time at all. However, its understandable. Because you cannot really see inside your air ducts, its a part of your home that can easily go unnoticed. Still, the longer you ignore cleaning the air duct system, the higher the risk of allergens, mold and mildew forming be.es. Realizing the Potential Risks If you turn on your HVAC unit and smell a musky or moldy odor for the first few minutes, then its a definite sign that your air ducts are in definite need of attention. In addition, around the vents, you will also start to notice black piles of dust that have clumped together and be.e lodged. Its not un.mon for the dirt and mold to trigger asthma attacks and cause problems for allergy sufferers. It is a wise idea to consult with your local HVAC .pany to determine an appropriate maintenance schedule for your particular air ducts system, though you should never let more than a few years pass before having the ducts properly cleaned and sanitized. There are times when there is so much mold and dirt that cleaning the ducts properly is an impossible feat. Instead, our team and I will have to tear out and replace the entire system. Using the UV Lights Using the same technology that hospitals use to sanitize patients rooms and that the military uses on submarines, the UV lights are designed to kill any mold, mildew and dust particles that they .e into contact with. The UV lights are put inside your air ducts as a maintenance tool, so that you dont have to worry about any mold growing or dust being circulated throughout your home. Then, instead of having to have your air ducts cleaned again, your HVAC technician can .e back in three to five years just to replace the bulbs. The UV lights work so well to kill any harmful bacteria or odors that pass through the air ducts that a client who sold candles in her home had to have the UV lights taken out of her air ducts because the lights worked so well that they were removing the fragrances the candles emitted from the air. Choosing the Right Type of UV Light At AAA Airwaves Air Conditioning and Heating, it is strongly re.mended that clients have UV lights installed within the air ducts system. In particular, we favor Guardian Air UV Lights which guarantee that your system will be clean and sanitary forever. Guardian Air is designed to eliminate allergens and odors from the air, which is key to keeping your family healthy and is especially beneficial to asthma sufferers. While the UV lights can be placed in your home at anytime, you should preferably ask to have them installed after your next air duct cleaning. In addition, you should be cautious about which type of UV light your HVAC contractor is planning to install, because different UV lights offer varying levels of protection. Of course, before you choose any addition to your home, its best to do a little research and address any of your concerns. The bottom line is that you need to have the air duct system in your home cleaned and sanitized, and UV lights go that extra step by keeping the ducts in perfect condition all year long. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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