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Heaven iron hit Shenzhen Ferrari follow-up: 3 luxury cars blocking the site entrance on the 30 day, Shenzhen, a Ferrari car was falling under the iron injured, amount of maintenance up to more than 300 thousand, 30 reporters interviewed suspected someone’s site, the duty of security is not to lead the no response, please press 31 again. Yesterday, the reporter and the owner of the late night went to the suspect again, but the site is still no one to come forward. In the evening, the site of the project department responded by saying that the Department of Ferrari owners unreasonable claims. 31 on the morning of 11 pm, reporters and smashed Ferrari owners came to the site, the site for the building was built in four innings, the building and the Insurance Mansion for ding. The reporter was on duty security stopped at the door, when the reporter that purpose, and inform the afternoon of the 30 day has come to understand that the guards said can not enter, and no responsible personnel. Reporters asked to contact the leadership of the responsible security guard did not know who is the leader, do not know the phone. Reporter proposed to enter the site to view, but the security firm did not allow reporters to enter. Three luxury cars parked in the entrance of the site from yesterday to today, delayed response. Under the Ferrari owners helpless, but with friends, will be injured by Ferrari and a BMW Z4 and a BMW 730 three car to the site entrances, want to let the person in charge of the site, until 3 in the afternoon, the site is still no personnel to explain the matter, the owner also had the car gone. Subsequently, the reporter on the matter to reflect the construction of the four Bureau, answering the phone, the staff said it is unclear whether the project is subordinate which branch in charge, can not provide contact information. Reporter Xiang Ding and property insurance Limited by Share Ltd to reflect customer service record after informed that the leadership will reflect the relevant circumstances, such as progress will feedback to reporters, but from at 12 pm to stop before the press, Ding and insurance companies also have no response. 31 at 9 pm, the reporter received a written response to Ding and building project department, the response said: the day before, Chongqing Axxxxx owner accused my site for falling objects caused the car crash, and claims three hundred thousand and one, after our internal investigation, confirmed that the day has no falling objects hurt any pedestrians and vehicles for Chongqing Axxxxx the owner again to our unreasonable claims, and take the plug site gate, seriously affected the progress of the project I issue, we have alarm processing, and retain all legal rights. At the same time for Chongqing Axxxxxx owners demand, we also recommend each alarm, or offer insurance, through legal channels to solve the problem of rational, legal, rather than take the car door, the media and other means, to achieve the huge compensation for the unreasonable demands. Shenzhen evening news reporter Gao Xiangrong trainee editor responsible editor: GDN006相关的主题文章:

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