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Homemade Hong Kong style milk tea – afternoon tea in the cold winter – Sohu food and drink this is done today, Hong Kong style milk tea. I did not expect his son good breath, drinking a cup. Sent to the food group, friends follow suit quickly done up, told me that his son did not love to drink milk before, but this tea has been incredibly good to drink. So I want to say, children from birth to grow up, always a cup of milk to drink as like as two peas, really afraid, when parents can think of a way, changing the pattern, I believe that children can accept the new taste immediately. Not to mention the Hot Tea, HK Style, is also a popular taste, children drink, drink drink bestie party, friends chat, what are possible. Homemade Hot Tea, HK Style material: 13 Black Tea tea basket (I am using Lapsang souchong) milk 250 grams of pure water 350ML sauce: 35 grams of sugar making tools: Q5 Joyoung tea Soybean Milk machine practice: 1, will Black Tea into the tea basket to a tea basket (three position is good, of course, if you love deep color can be more appropriate), and then hung on the machine next to the 2, Soybean Milk add milk 3, then add pure water (the amount of milk a little more than just), the total is probably around 700ML 4, then the tea basket lid 5, Soybean Milk tea machine selection function, starting 6, very convenient and a few minutes to the end, you will remove the punch tea basket, add sugar filtering can drink milk tips and pure water ratio of about 1:1 About.2 sugar according to their taste for tea, so drink before the best filtering, you can also avoid the tea produced by Ceylon Black Tea, but I was not used, is a small mountain the taste is very good相关的主题文章:

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