How much do we know about blood vessels, man and the pulse

How much do we know why people with pulse with life in nineteenth Century the French doctor Cassani J said a word: "on the vascular life of people with the same artery", it was also described as "life vascular candle". This shows the close relationship between life and vascular health. How much do we know about blood vessels? A blood vessel is a channel for the passage of oxygen and nutrients to the body, as well as a channel for the removal of waste, residues, and carbon dioxide after metabolism. Even if we are asleep, the blood will be like the clock, as the flow of the body everywhere. This process, from birth to death, has never stopped. If the blood does not flow, life will be dangerous, so the blood vessel is the lifeblood of our body. United States Network doctor Dr. network comprehensive reports, introduced to the public, so that healthy living habits of vascular health. Diet to control sugar. Director Professor at Japan’s Keio University and Tokyo Kurihara hospital director Li Yuanyi pointed out in Japan, "one week news" magazine, the daily diet to reduce carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrate decomposition of sugar can be quickly absorbed by the human body, so that the blood sugar value surge, leading to excessive secretion of insulin. Insulin has converted sugar triglyceride characteristics, which will make the blood viscous. Pay attention to the order of food. The correct order of eating is to eat vegetables, seaweed, mushrooms and other heat less, digestion takes a certain amount of food. Chew more than 30 times per mouthful of food and then swallow, you can have a sense of fullness before the rise in blood sugar; then eat staple food and meat, you can prevent the rise in blood sugar and excessive calorie intake. The data show that eating slowly, can let satiety for 6 hours; eat too fast, 2, 3 hours after hunger. Slow absorption of fat and protein, so that the blood sugar value will not rise too fast, it is best to eat meat before meals. Enhanced vascular function exercise. Japan’s National Institute for health and nutrition experts advocate, including similar piaffe jogging and other aerobic exercise, calisthenics slowly stretch the muscles and joints, slight muscle exercise activities. As for the hard dough with water as the muscles soft, can improve blood circulation, inhibit sympathetic nerve activity, calm. Mental relaxation. University of Zurich Lowe hospital physicians pointed out that sudden pressure may cause vascular endothelial dysfunction, endothelial dysfunction and vascular expansion ability damage. Finally, the blood vessels can not adjust the function with the change of blood demand, and increase the occurrence of cardiac events. People who take birth control pills should check their blood vessels every year. "The new study published in the British Medical Journal" the Danish University of Copenhagen researchers pointed out that although the risk of oral contraceptive in venous thrombosis is not very high, about 1/1000, but still have to guard against the risk, the best annual check of lower extremity vascular patients.相关的主题文章:

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