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"Human to taste is" Qing Huan structure innovation CP Luandun all starring force Tencent entertainment news "human to taste is" Qing Huan writer Guo Shuang, Feng Yuan three years of preparation of the beloved, be not of the common sort a shot. They will be the story of architecture to pyramid Division: macro perspective to spire background, the success and failure about seven characters their career and family life, with success and failure have many dimensions, everyone has a big theme in their growth. According to screenwriter Feng Yuan, want to let the busy city people feel that although through many places, meet a lot of people, success, failure, but by the end of the walk, looked back, in my heart is the dull little happiness and love as the innocent, the name "Qing Huan is human to taste". The middle layer, the focus on the issue of concern in the current generation. Today, the young people watching TV has gradually become the backbone of the old there is little, how to deal with their parents, and their children became a problem they can not escape the topic. The focus on a series of problems caused by, with a comedic gimmick real life show. And this is the most basic layer of the bottom line of love, so that more viewers can feel a different kind of emotion. The story is also different, inspirational male God and atypical rich two generation scramble for independence of the dislocation of the goddess, so that the story is doomed to extraordinary. The diversity of the story so that we see the "world to taste is the Qing Huan" for the emergence of a new phenomenon of urban love comedy full of sincerity. At the press conference, the seven stars also shared their role, for the different understanding of life, and in the love of this line, as the screenwriter mentioned: every one of the characters are worthy of attention." A highlight of seven human relationship network is perplexing in the show, everyone in the sharing relationship, Lai Jing is said with a smile: "inside the play more emotional drama." In addition, the screenwriter Feng Yuan is a super optimist, so her works are a light comedy label, "human to taste is the same of course" Qing huan. In the scene, the actors also continued the humorous, throwing the burden idol, the embodiment of the "walking expression package" to the interpretation of "I have resorted to the field force" and other popular words, scene attracted fans frequently laughed and shouted to "keep up" by slowly. The conference near the end, the seven stars talk about their expectations for drama broadcast, said: "I hope this drama broadcast next year, set a new standard for the TV industry". In this based on the IP television adaptation of It is often seen. under the environment of "human to taste is the original Qing Huan" phenomenal TV series like a stream, the fresh elements of the times into the best story, let us shine at the moment. The shooting steps have come, launch the footsteps far away? The innovation will be how wonderful expression of realistic themes, let us in the "human to taste after Qing Huan" started looking for the answer.相关的主题文章:

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