Interpretation of the six largest art auction market last year ca1806

Interpretation of the six largest art auction market in August 23rd last year, Fang Xiao in, China’s annual art and cultural relics auction market statistics annual report (China, the world) released in Beijing. China’s auction art auction market, blue and white award and the relevant annual rankings also released. The event by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of culture, the State Bureau of cultural relics and guidance, Chinese Auction Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "making co host"), the shoot Association Committee, "China auction" magazine hosted. On the 2015 annual conference of the Chinese mainland and the world of Chinese art auction market data interpretation. Data: 63% Chinese mainland in 2015 the global art auction Chinese create 63% of the turnover of the release system China auction industry association sixth business, culture, cultural relics and three ministries jointly issued the "China art auction market Statistical Yearbook" (Chinese in), is fourth times and Artnet Bbc Worldwide Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "artnet") jointly issued the "global Chinese art auction market Statistical Yearbook" (International). At present, these two reports have become the most authoritative annual report on the study of Chinese art auction market. Conference, shoot Association Committee Deputy Director Liu Youzheng introduced in 2015, China mainland art auction market continued to adjust the trend of the total turnover in 2014 year-on-year contraction of 19%, down to 29 billion 130 million yuan, to its lowest level since 2012. In fact, over the past ten years, China’s cultural relics market has been ups and downs, its size is sufficient to affect the pattern of the global art auction market. On behalf of Artnet Asia Lv Jiahe said, in 2015 released the annual report of the international part, affected by the China contraction of the mainland market, worldwide Chinese art auction turnover fell to 46 billion 310 million yuan (including the Commission), representing a decrease of 9% over the previous year, but overall, the global art auction size is close to China the global art auction market 1/3 of the total, while the mainland Chinese create turnover still accounts for Chinese global art auction turnover of 62.9%. Data two: 96.6% art consumption speed, the number of 500 thousand yuan auction to 96.6% report shows that the "new normal", actively carry out "Suoliang quality" to adjust the mainland art auction enterprises. At the same time, with the new collectors and reduce market admission, CIC type buyers, the mainland market auction price structure "bipolar promotion, median cut". Among them, the low-end market significantly enlarged, in 2015, the price is lower than the number of auction 500 thousand yuan accounted for an increase to 96.6%, reaching the highest level in five years. At the same time, the ultra high-end market (the price of 50 million yuan and above) the auction number year-on-year increase of more than 200%. Data: 17% three 10 million yuan to speed up the progress of settlement, settlement rate of 17 percentage points of speed auction report shows that with the market structure adjustment difficulties;相关的主题文章:

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