Interview with Ding Junhui’s peak feeling to create 147, pointed out the reason for the rebound in

Interview with Ding Junhui: the peak feel 147 points out the reasons for the rebound – Sohu sports ranked first in the world to the present twelfth, the first round of multiple competitions out, Ding Junhui in a short span of time has experienced the biggest ups and downs of career. But in the Welsh open, broke into the 8, hit a 147, he said he has gone out of the trough, back to the "peak" feel". Despite the loss of the world’s third Australian star Robertson in the day, but Ding Junhui in the case of 1:4 behind, still blew out sixth personal career full score 147, although the defeat is still proud of 2:5. He recovered his long lost confidence, and the fans also saw his smile from the bottom of his heart. After the match, Ding Junhui returned to his home in Sheffield from Cardiff overnight. In a telephone interview with Xinhua, he said, "this match is very similar to my peak state, especially close to me." In the 2014 season, Ding Junhui won 5 consecutive big games and became the world’s first Asian player in the world, but then he somehow lost to some of the lowest ranking players, even under amateur players. Such a state is disappointing for him, and also concerned about his fans. But the first year of the contest, he won four straight, especially the two games are reversed in the backward situation, finally to win 4:3, proved that his psychological quality has been greatly improved. "At the bottom of the year, I felt that I had entered a new stage in my life and career, and I was able to look at the game in a calm way," he said. Indeed, during the Welsh open, he used a simple phrase to describe the game after the game: "today, the idea is very simple on the court, the game as an ordinary training."." Of course, out of the trough, say simple, effort, only he knows. He was able to regain his senses, and he experienced all sorts of adjustments, in addition to daily training and psychological adjustment, and even his work and rest time has changed. "Hard work is the foundation of this game," he lamented. In the process, the collaboration with renowned coach and former world champion Griffith also played a big role. "He gives guidance to my training every day, and it helps me a lot," he said. Ding Junhui began to coach Griffith last summer. Griffith had repeatedly told Xinhua News Agency reporters interview said, he is full of confidence for the future of Ding Junhui, because he was only 28 years old, the most important is that "all the master will encounter the occupation career trough, every time climbs out of the hole, will climb to a higher peak". On the day when Ding Junhui fell behind Robertson with 1:4, Griffith still believed he could defeat his opponents, but only 147 of the fifth games disrupted the rhythm of the game. He told the Xinhua News Agency: "after 147, he had a slight emotional fluctuation, and then let the opponent win.". He was very clear in the game, and I had confidence in him." For the season"

专访丁俊晖:巅峰手感造就147 指出低谷反弹原因-搜狐体育  从世界排名第一到眼下的第12,连续多个大赛首轮出局,丁俊晖在短短一年的时间里经历了职业生涯中最大的起伏。但是在威尔士公开赛上闯入8强,打出一个147,他说自己已经走出了低谷,找回了“巅峰时期的手感”。   尽管当天以2:5不敌世界排名第三的澳大利亚名将罗伯逊,但丁俊晖在1:4落后的情况下,依然轰出了个人职业生涯的第六个满分147,虽败犹荣。他找回了久违的自信,现场球迷也再次看到了他发自内心的微笑。   比赛结束后,丁俊晖从加的夫连夜返回位于谢菲尔德的家中,在接受新华社记者电话采访时,他说:“这次比赛的手感与我巅峰状态时非常相似,特别接近。”   2014赛季,丁俊晖连续赢得5个大型比赛的冠军,最终成为历史上首位世界排名第一的亚洲球员,但此后他莫名其妙地输给一些排名很低的球员,甚至还败在业余球员手下。这样的状态令他自己失望,也让关心他的球迷担心。但猴年的第一个大赛中,他就取得四连胜,尤其有两场比赛都是在落后的情况下逆转,最后以4:3险胜,证明他的心理素质已经得到非常大的提高。   “过去一年中在低谷的磨炼,我觉得自己的人生和职业生涯进入了一个新的高度,能够从容地看待比赛,”他说。   确实如此,本次威尔士公开赛期间,他在赛后多次用一句简单的话表示比赛的状态:“今天在场上想法很简单,把这场比赛当成了一场普通的训练。”   当然,走出低谷说起来简单,付出的努力,只有他本人知道。能够重新找回感觉,他经历了各方面的调整,除了每天的训练和心理的调整之外,甚至连作息时间都做了改变。   “艰苦的努力,才是打好这次比赛的基础,”他感叹道。   在这个过程中,与知名教练、前世界冠军格里菲斯的合作也起了巨大的作用。“他每天都对我的训练提出指导,对我的帮助很大,”他说。   丁俊晖是去年夏天开始请格里菲斯执教的。格里菲斯此前多次接受新华社记者采访时都说,他对丁俊晖的未来充满了信心,因为他只有28岁,最重要的是,“所有的高手都会遇到职业生涯的低谷,每次爬出低谷,都会攀上更高的巅峰”。   在当天丁俊晖以1:4落后罗伯逊时,格里菲斯依然相信他能够战胜对手,只不过第五局的147打乱了比赛的节奏。他告诉新华社记者:“取得147后,他情绪略微有了波动,接下来让对手赢了。本来他在比赛中思路非常清晰,我对他充满了信心。”   对于本赛季接下来的比赛,丁俊晖说:“请球迷相信我,我对自己抱有很大的信心,肯定会有更好的成绩回报大家。”相关的主题文章:

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