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Comments: Jackie Chan won the Oscar for us after a mercerizing Jackie Chan (source: JINGWAH times) in China shadow still summer. On the occasion, the good news came to North America, Jackie Chan [micro-blog] Oscar won the lifetime achievement award. This honor award nomination and judges without entering the voting procedure, and issued directly by the Council election. The first won the award is humorist Chaplin, he won the best actor nomination in the inaugural Oscar prize winners, but eventually lost to Emil · Jennings, the judges will consider him in the movie "the circus" in performance, screenwriter, director and producer of a body, and awarded him a special award. Yes, the Oscar prize was a consolation prize at the beginning, to encourage outstanding individuals or groups of individuals in the field where the individual awards were not taken care of by Oscar. Compared to Chaplin’s lifetime achievement award, Jackie Chan low fineness seems several dan. The award is a lot of people, Jackie Chan said, the charm of the film fell badly, rely on the old to eat. Some people even not blame the people of small plum 22 years with run get a Oscar, Jackie Chan never received the Hongkong award winner, how to get the world’s top award for lifetime achievement? But the Oscar Council doesn’t see it that way. Today, the Oscar honor has long been turned into a lifetime contribution to the cause of the film, please note that the life of the film industry to contribute to the people". Oscar’s affirmation of Jackie Chan, apparently more considering his dedication to the East and West action movies. This award is undoubtedly more suitable for promotion according to status, Bruce Lee, but his untimely death, also gave Jackie Chan the opportunity of the rise. Jackie Chan with the "red zone" into the western horizon, the movie starring global cumulative box office reached 20 billion yuan. Bruce Lee is the first Chinese Kung Fu to the world, but without Jackie Chan’s future, China Kung Fu may have entered the world movie review. Similar awards Johnwoo also won, is the Venice Film Festival lifetime achievement award. It was not like this, not now Tucao or questioned voice. Oscar single prize in the international class a prize known as the boss, in contrast, this so-called lifelong achievement award does not seem strong. As Americans too narcissism, the vast majority of the honor to have their own people, the so-called Jackie Chan is fourth won the honor of the Asians so not worth mentioning. The award is founded in the early decades of often vacant, the color is still possible, but in recent years, from the egg yolk directly evolved into four yellow egg wholesale, to fruit is the result of the gold content of the recession. In addition, this award may also have another layer of meaning. The domestic box office growth gradually decline, while the rapid growth of Chinese is the largest film market on an equal footing with the United States, angel of Hollywood needs a closer relationship of relatives. Jackie Chan Oscar Award for lifetime achievement let us get a few silk? Jackie Chan actor received the award, I pay more attention to the other three winners and he also post identity, if China film can have documentary producer or editor award, especially with the casting director Oscar can get the lifelong honor visited)相关的主题文章:

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