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Jia Hongwei joined the "road" and the Yu Yi brothers wife mother – Jia Hongwei "Niang Road Entertainment Sohu makeup as" Jia Hongwei "mother" big brother with Sohu entertainment news written and directed by Guo Jingyu’s legendary drama "mother", is Beijing hot shot, the play by Yue Lina, starring Yu Yi, Zhang Shaohua, Shi Ke Yang Kun, Liu Zhiyang, Maher, Xiao Yin, Wu Liansheng, Hu Xiaoting, and sunspots, Jia Hongwei, Xin Peng, Zhao Xiaosu and others join. The strength of the actors were Jia Hongwei in Yu Yi’s Brother Big brother in a corner, in the complicated age play in the struggle, the two deep Brotherhood has also become a major part of the show. Actor Jia Hongwei earlier with the military drama "fire blue blade in the" tough veteran liuxiaoshan corner to get familiar with the majority of the audience favorite, drama, liuxiaoshan and apprentice jiangxiaoyu mentoring feelings very impressed the audience, the shape of the unyielding, do not give up "tough guy image is even more popular. The" mother road ", Jia Hongwei’s martial arts, frankness of big brother is also a tough character, and Yu Yi’s long nobumune feelings more profound. It is reported that the two people from the acquaintance relationship, no blood relationship, but the big brother has been the nobumune as their loved ones look like, when nobumune trouble for big brother, his first thought is not to escape but stalls lawsuit can for nobumune top package. It is worth mentioning that the name "big brother" is closely linked with nobumune. It is understood that because of the role played by Jia Hongwei grew up in the temple grew up, nameless, after long nobumune (Yu Yi ornaments) apprentice, called big brother, but even I have called him "big brother, big brother, let all the people call him" big brother called him". From childhood nobumune is the big brother’s little tail, behind the big brother nobumune into a small tail, the play, Jia Hongwei’s big brother Yu Yi played with long delay in helping each other, always accompany each other, the predicted two people will experience the kind of story, which will have what kind of opportunity, please look forward to perfect letter to build the legendary big play "mother". It is reported that the play has been whispering Tianjin TV, Jiangsu TV prime time, next year is expected to be broadcast.相关的主题文章:

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