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Jiangsu graphene billion market will open   but the beginning of the industry — people.com.cn Jiangsu channel — people.com.cn original title: beware of graphene, got up early to catch a late set in November 25th, the first domestic graphene research and application of the United Engineering Center inaugurated in Jiangyin. This marks the beginning of graphene from the laboratory to large-scale application stage, the hot graphene industry into the eve of the outbreak. "Graphene +" open demonstration application "window period" recently, something magical happened to an unknown River in Jiangyin lingang. 16 last month, this is a long black smelly river channel is divided into two sections, one of which placed a chemical fiber network. After only 7 sunny sunshine, has changed dramatically: two reaches laid that a chemical fiber network, the river has become clear, also appeared in the fish figure; without that part of the net, the river still give off an unbearable stink. This turn bad into good net, is the world’s first graphene visible light catalytic network Jiangsu branch Chinese Research Institute of science and technology development and Jiangyin Tangu group, Shuangliang group and other enterprises joint. Feng Guanhua, vice president of Jiangsu Branch Institute of science and technology development China introduction, the photo catalysis of graphene materials and visible light response between heterogeneous efficient quantum technology transfer "the combination of toxic organic compounds in water by decomposition, deodorization, increase the oxygen content of water bodies. With this network, a month in winter, less than 10 days in summer, you can make a river out of the black smelly water. With the first layout in the field, Jiangsu in the development and application of graphene in the forefront of the country. The reporter understands, since this year, our province graphene industry started from basic research into the demonstration phase, the textile raw materials, marine coatings, lithium battery manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection and other fields, a group of powerful Soviet enterprises frequently force. Improvement of durability of anti-corrosion coatings, 5 times the conductive rate increase of 3 orders of magnitude lithium batteries and pollution control capacity of up to 150 times the photocatalytic network, from the hands of Jiangsu enterprises. From the "g" to "tons" billion industry Shuguangchuxian earlier this month, China graphene industry well-known enterprises cheungchau International announced, based in Jiangyin with an annual output of 100 tons of graphene production line smooth production, further the construction of an annual output of 5000 tons of high quality graphene production base. A billion scale graphene industrial cluster is about to form. For a long time, there is a "black gold graphene" mainly in the laboratory in grams of small batch production, the price of up to 5000 yuan per gram. In 2013, Changzhou sixth element materials Polytron Technologies Inc developed first domestic large-scale macro preparation, automatic control of the graphene powder production line, annual production capacity of 100 tons, the graphene price dropped to 3 yuan per gram, 1. Capacity expansion, cost reduction, so that the possibility of large-scale industrialization of graphene. Provincial Commission by letter inspector Lu Yuangang, Jiangsu at the forefront of the country in the graphene industry incubator, has formed the innovation of graphene industry in Jiangyin, Wuxi Huishan, Changzhou Wujin, Nanjing, Nantong and Taizhou as the core of the band, a graphene industry leading national polymerization zone. As the thinnest and intensity that humans have found so far相关的主题文章:

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