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Jiangsu vice governor Ma Qiulin LED inspection before national safety production — people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: leading the September 29th production safety check before the national day, led by vice governor Ma Qiulin, has been to Nanjing car unit station, highway toll station, the command center and Suguo logistics center and other passenger, check before the national day of production safety work the situation. Ma Qiulin pointed out that safe production is related to the overall situation, the responsibility is weightier than Mount Tai until the critical moment, the more we can not have the slightest slack paralysis, and luck. During the holiday season for the travel of the masses to increase, increase traffic, and tourist attractions and crowded places of people increase, strengthen safety management of the station, shopping malls, tourist attractions and key traffic etc.. Transportation, logistics, warehousing and other relevant departments and units should do a good job of supply security, to meet the needs of people’s livelihood, but also to strengthen the duty on duty to ensure the safety of production operations. Shopping malls, scenic spots and other crowded places should be highly concerned about the flow of people, traffic changes, scientific forecasting, effective guidance, improve the handling of accidents, emergency rescue plans to enhance people’s sense of security. He stressed that all departments and units to effectively undertake the duties of supervision, all kinds of enterprises to implement the main responsibility for production safety measures, do further, the responsibility to implement, toil and sweat to protect social stability, let the people enjoy a happy, peaceful and safe Guo Qingjia festival. (Shao Shengyu) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章:

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