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Ji’nan Dingjiazhuang is located in CBD core district residents rent future not only two hundred or three hundred original title: Ji’nan Dingjiazhuang located in the core area of the future CBD, not only rent two hundred or three hundred Dingjiazhuang in the demolition of the core area of Ji’nan future CBD. In October last year, Ji’nan city launched a Dingjiazhuang old village renovation plan, in mid September of this year, housing has started. Compared with the two steel area, mainly living in the industrial road to the north of the village is not anxious to move dingjiazhuang. They have prepared a winter heating anthracite, almost every family in the rental house. "Down" words are very difficult to see Dingjiazhuang has started around the old village renovation plan, but the two steel and tenants have moved, the lives of the villagers did not appear to have what change, the main road of the building even a "down" words are not seen. No heating and gas in the village, every family are neatly stacked white snakeskin bag. These are the winter anthracite. "Moving? Which is so fast, resettlement housing has not been built." The villagers laonie said, "housing is not built yet, no one urge, don’t know exactly when to move, but should not be so fast." Laonie is still early in a village on the north side of the field, but at the age of 20 to the north of the village were expropriated basic medina. Most of the villagers have not only farming, industrial road south of the small part of vegetable, can a small amount of food. The vegetable was in the CBD construction planning in the region will no longer grow vegetables. The village people are looking for work, laonie do property in the district office, his son is learning in a cooking school. Last year, when the transformation of old villages to start the program, there is no monetary compensation for this choice. In the village not far south of the Olympic Road East, Xin River West Industrial Road, south of resettlement housing construction, so that the villagers still live together. Tenants reluctant cheap prices 1 days, Ji’nan temperatures plunged, Dingjiazhuang a tenant Wang is still not willing to open the electric heater. He came from Guizhou to work in a nearby construction site, spent nearly 5 winters in Ji’nan, but did not experience heating. Nevertheless, he is still satisfied with the rent here. Dingjiazhuang is a lot of hard work to Ji’nan’s young and middle-aged people choose to rent. But compared to other villages, Dingjiazhuang location near the city, traffic is more convenient. In June this year when he heard someone in Dingjiazhuang to worry about after the relocation, could not find such cheap and distance downtown near the house. Although the villagers covered the two or three floor, although not small, but not like the general village, there is a courtyard with a living room, and most of the electric car is not enough to stop the courtyard. The room is very small, most without external windows, an area of only more than and 10 square, only put a small bed and a small table, more than and 10 households need to share one or two bathrooms. The house is still attached to the front or hanging rental housing advertising. The owner of a house said, they had 16 tenants, have any vacancies. She persuaded people to ask, the relocation of at least two or three years, despite the ease of rent. However, Ji’nan and other places need to pay more than half a year’s rent, here only need to pay monthly, the deposit is only two hundred or three hundred. )相关的主题文章:

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