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Jinjiang, a warehouse fire burn leakage tank fire off valve into the heroic fire brigade in the fire control network in October 29th Fujian news last night, the Quanzhou fire department received a report that Jinjiang Ying Lin Yu ban Cun Xinchang garment Weaving Co. warehouse fire. There are two tanks in the warehouse with toluene and soybean oil, respectively. After the fire, two tank fire burn. After the alarm, Quanzhou fire command center immediately deployed to Longhu, Anhai, Qingyang, lakeside, secret two squadron 21 fire engines, 95 officers and soldiers to disposal. Around 7:18 that night, Jinjiang fire squadron officers and soldiers rushed to Longhu, found that the fire is a layer of simple iron cover. At that time, the fire has engulfed the warehouse, the warehouse shelf bending deformation. Smoke rising from the metal housing sprang down. The insider said, the main storage warehouse has a large cloth, dyeing agent, paint and other large amounts of flammable liquids. At the same time, there are two horizontal tanks in the northwest of the warehouse, respectively, toluene and soybean oil storage. "At that time, the valve has been leaking toluene tank, and burning up, there is a pungent smell in the air." It is understood that the volatile combustion of toluene will produce harmful gases. In the vicinity of the fire warehouse, the company’s dormitory and other clothing companies. Fire officers and soldiers and the police immediately on the perimeter of the alert, evacuate the plant staff and onlookers, and organize 3 fire control group fire. After the fire brigade in Quanzhou other reinforcements arrived. After exploration and inquiry to understand, at this time near the side of the fire has been controlled toluene, toluene tank transfer pump flange leak, fire, the tank was not found leaking. Command analysis judged the situation, decided to take the valve brokenmaterial, cooling explosion-proof tactical measures for risk. About 9:20, two fire officers and soldiers wear protective equipment, in the enterprise under the guidance of technical staff, with the cover of the gun, ventured into the fire, toluene tank valve valve brokenmaterial. At the same time, two water jets continue to dilute the tank, cooling around. To 9 o’clock that night, toluene tank pipe valve is closed, the fire was basically controlled. By 11:15 Xu, the fire was completely extinguished, no casualties at the scene. Currently, the cause of the fire is under further investigation. (reporter Lin Tianzhen correspondent Kang Zhenxing Lin Hoi Yaozu Ventura)相关的主题文章:

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