Li Lingyu’s first exposure was divorced for many years This is the last

Li Lingyu’s first exposure was divorced for many years: This is the last straw Li Lingyu Sina entertainment news early years, Li Lingyu had to take a foreign husband and son Jerry TV show, after many interviews invited to interview, to avoid talking about personal feelings of life again, Li Lingyu decided not to take Jerry on the show. After this, the outside world has spread the gossip news about the Li Lingyu divorce, even adding the trimmings choice called Li Lingyu trapped Dutch act. Recently, the 53 year old Li Lingyu in "the Miao" for the first time, Fuxiu confided, said he did not divorce, there is no thought and rumor in the Dutch act, Li Lingyu seems unfair to her husband. At the same time, Li Lingyu also show for the husband praise, said he will play is the most romantic: "now a lot of actors in the entertainment show affection, this and that, but my husband is far worse than." It is reported that Li Lingyu’s first love happened at the age of 21, the other is the Oriental Song and dance of the young actor, because they are very young, to deal with the relationship of love and career, then two people do not have a common language, due to the development of Japan, Li Lingyu put forward the hand, it only lasted for 5 years. Second love is 1995 Li Lingyu went to Canada to study, understand the president Meikang Investment Co., Jerry, Jerry had to do a passport, so to know. April 1997, in order to have a happy future for the children of the family, Jerry followed Li Lingyu came to China, held a wedding in Shanghai, in 2000 the birth of his son, Jesse. Now, son of Jesse, 17 years old, 1.92 meters tall, when both arm out, the neighbors are said to be siblings, it makes Li Lingyu very happy. Li Lingyu and her husband are AA, have their own companies and institutions. Husband Jerry has many branches around the world, usually in the United States, South Korea, Hongkong and other parts of busy busy career, is worthy of the name of the trapeze, and one family life is very happy. (commissioning editor: Allen)相关的主题文章:

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