Linda Chung first postpartum back to Hong Kong to deny making heart 3 exit safe mode

Linda Chung first postpartum back to Hong Kong to deny making "heart 3" Linda Chung (left) and Pakho Chau. Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 4th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Linda Chung [micro-blog], Chariene Choi [micro-blog] (a Sa), [micro-blog] Fiona Sit and Pakho Chau et al [micro-blog] last night to attend the fashion brand activities, in Canada gave birth to her daughter Linda Chung for the first time, postpartum back to Hong Kong debut public activities, attract fifty fans and media the scene. But the mother of Linda Chung wearing a black dress show legs, hands still wearing beautiful people, she said that due to reasons of feeding so thin quickly, can still return Sylph in no time doing sports situation. Asked why she left Hong Kong less than 48 hours to go? Linda Chung said with a smile: "because I feed milk, ready to drink 26 bottles of milk, do not go back to the baby did not drink milk." Linda Chung refers to the remuneration of up to 6 digits, she admits satisfaction and happiness, and the brand has always been to support her, so she attended her immediately promised. She denied that the "heart of greed 3" asked Linda Chung whether the future work of production, do not even go back to Hongkong? She said: "no, but in the short term will not play, because the baby is small, the fastest to wait for her 6 months or a year, only consider the long time work. Now work with her daughter for the first, after Taiwan to come back, but the company is very supportive of me." She denied the filming of "heart of greed" 3. She said that this is the longest time to leave her daughter, three days before and after like a century. "I think she is now back to Hong Kong after the video with her, she is not trouble, but I cried when the plane cried several times, I want to cry now." (Miao Fei) (commissioning editor: vhaha) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章:

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