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Ma Rong finally got through the phone, but she has been silent… Baoqiang Wang, Ma Rong (data plan) Huaxi Metropolis Daily reported in August 26th from the August 15th Baoqiang Wang formally indicted his wife Ma Rong, has been a full 12 days, while Baoqiang Wang’s divorce is still the focus of attention of many users, on a variety of rumors is everywhere. Baoqiang Wang sued his wife Ma Rong divorce case when the court? Ma Rong sued for defamation on the grounds that Baoqiang Wang asked to delete the divorce statement on micro-blog, why not deleted? Are the focus of attention. August 26th morning 9 am, WCC reporter contacted Baoqiang Wang’s lawyer Zhang Qihuai, the reporter explained what he wanted, "Baoqiang Wang asked the prosecution Ma Rong divorce when hearing?" Zhang Qihuai’s lawyer replied: "can be said to be unfailingly are going on smoothly. I haven’t heard much yet. Thank you!" Earlier, Ma Rong’s lawyer filed to the court, the prosecution of Baoqiang Wang on the morning of 14 issued by micro-blog violated its reputation, asked Baoqiang Wang to delete 00:21 on August 14th release of micro-blog and an apology. Reporter asked why Baoqiang Wang did not delete the divorce statement on micro-blog, the attitude of the lawyer Zhang Qihuai kind, but did not explain, did not respond. It is understood that Baoqiang Wang’s divorce attorney Zhang Qihuai, is the capital of a very large legal level of lawyers. His case count rate is high. Currently, he is actively collecting relevant evidence. Since the event fermentation, Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter has repeatedly tried to contact Ma Rong himself, trying to hope to give a public response Rong rong. But although the phone through a number of times, Ma Rong has remained silent, do not respond to any questions.相关的主题文章:

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