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Media: no " miserable than " protect the poor students privacy and fairness and transparency of contradiction – Sohu education grants ranging from a few hundred dollars, more than a few thousand yuan, seemingly not a big number. But this can not be ignored, the protection of poor students privacy and interests are not infringed, is one way to highlight the ideas of University education. ———————————————————— recently, the Education Department of Yunnan Province issued a "Circular on Further Strengthening the collegestudentswhosefamiliesfinanciallydifficult Accreditation" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), requires all colleges and universities to set up a "school student assistance work leading group, hospital (Department) that the working group, grade (or professional) that the panel" three level of organization, and adhere to the democratic appraisal and evaluation of the school the principle of combining accurate object recognition. Among them, the review shall not require the applicant to apply for a public statement of the grounds of the application. Yunnan (November 16th) in the University have done the work of the class who know that poor students, the allocation of grants is one of the most difficult problems. The difficulty lies in: first, receive grants are limited; secondly, the evaluation is difficult, the higher requirements for fairness and transparency of the evaluation process, if not properly handled, easy to produce "maoerni". More importantly, in the past assessment process, the application of public self disclosure is a key part of the students, some students due to face, would rather wronged themselves do not want to disclose the identity of poverty. While public statements and personal circumstances of the students, some of the pain and misery of privacy, is tantamount to "two damage", some people even use rater’s sympathy, over exaggerated rendering, poverty, the assessment will engage in a "miserable" poor mouth conference conference". Therefore, in the maintenance of justice and transparency, but also to protect the privacy and dignity of poor students, which requires some specific, flexible operation. In the course of my university as a monitor of the actual operating experience, poor students can be assessed using an anonymous statement". When the counselor confirmation for a grant number, by the monitor Committee and the organization members, each dormitory composed of representatives of the assessment team, apply for grants to students not to write down the statements, only personal circumstances, give the assessment team members of the collective discussion. To protect the privacy of these statements is not only a department real name, tag number, statement true identity only by the assessment and the head master. When the group is familiar with the applicant’s poverty situation, it is necessary to vote to determine the level of difficulty (usually three grades). Finally, the person responsible for the implementation of the results of the assessment and examination of the authenticity of the applicant statement, for example, the official opening of the poverty certificate, proof of family income, must be presented to the person in charge. This process is cumbersome, but the maximum extent to protect the privacy of poor students, also let competitors will not be sincerely convinced, contradiction caused the unfair distribution of grants. Of course, this method is most suitable for the initial assessment of the university. The students are familiar with each other, who is really poor,)相关的主题文章:

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