Nanjing, a man riding a bike to steal uniforms monitor the whole process-sorpack

Nanjing, a man riding stolen uniforms monitoring photographed the entire process in September 14th 3 pm, Nanjing Pukou Bridge District, Ms. Zhang public alarm, said his sun was stolen in front of the children uniforms, monitoring has been photographed, the thief process alarm after the alarm, Taishan village police then rushed to the scene. The scene according to Ms. Zhang said, this morning I will the children wash uniforms hang home laundry, afternoon to collect, but found no uniforms, surprisingly, other clothes are aired simultaneously, but the lack of children’s school uniforms, began to think that accidentally lost, can be searched for a long time failed to find, "have been stolen?" Oneself very much. Just because the door near the monitor, then to monitor the transfer of view, don’t know, a look, the original uniforms really was deliberately stolen, the thief stole clothes monitoring photographed the whole process. The police then transfer to see surveillance and verification, monitoring showed that 11:30 in the morning, a man riding a motorcycle to the downstairs, for a while, see someone, immediately pretended to call, then a short leave, about 5 minutes later, the man again exhumation, see four unmanned, immediately picked Piedmont racks, quickly remove the clothes into the trunk of a motorcycle, and then rush to leave, a clear record of the monitoring of the whole process of committing the crime of man. Apparently, the man came to steal the school uniform. Ms. Zhang said, their children on a total of two sets (summer and autumn each set), stolen children do not wear uniforms, according to the school rules, school uniforms are not allowed to go to school, to buy a set, the need to wait until the next semester, it can do, really dead the. I hope the police can help find the children’s uniforms. Preliminary judgment, the man came to steal school uniforms, or because of his family’s children and Ms. Zhang’s children in the same school, their children lost their uniforms, they went to steal other people’s children’s uniforms. Ms. Zhang said, I hope the man to return as soon as possible if children uniforms, she will return, let bygones be bygones, otherwise, will seek to help the school to find, such as is found, then the man would have been very embarrassing. Police appeal to the man who stole the school uniform, your theft has been monitored and photographed, please be sure to return the clothes as soon as possible.相关的主题文章:

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