Net friend Wang Ou married Man and Yang Mi are college classmates zibba

Net friend Wang Ou married? Man and Yang Mi is a college classmate Tencent entertainment news on November 9th, suspected derailment caused by the network of hot debate, Wang Ou, Hawick Lau. 9 evening, Hawick Lau denied rumors: can only say that after touching the script, and then can not talk about the important evening, can not chat in the room." Wang Ou Skinner is alleged to have been friends, married actor Zhang Ge, but the idea is that the actor named Zhang Ge, graduated from the Beijing film students of grade 2005, with Hawick Lau’s wife Yang Mi is a college classmate. Micro-blog called "Xia Yu 719" friends in October 28, 2012, in the micro-blog for the birthday wishes for Wang Ou: "I wish: brother sister sister-in-law," Wang Ou Angel happy birthday! My life with rose for the first time to you! Because someone he is working overseas to wish, I can only represent my brother told you five words: wife, I love you! I can’t take the rest." Among them, a "wife, I love you" will inevitably lead to speculation. Users immediately Bachu and Wang Ou interactive love actor Zhang Ge micro-blog. On November 9th, Hawick Lau Wang Ou after the exposure of the scandal, the Zhang Ge also made micro-blog suspected emotion, said "how much love and hate, is not enough for the repair". According to friends broke the news, Wang Ou, Zhang Ge had taken a wedding photo, however, when she was in the comments area denied that this is a wedding photo, and said it was a magazine photo shoot. However, Zhang Ge’s sister had a message called Wang Ou sister-in-law, suspected that Wang Ou had married. >相关的主题文章:

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