[network] 16290th CLS arrangement three forecast and the value range of 12 – 19 519697

[network] 16290th CLS arrangement three forecast: and the value range of 12 – 192016289 and the value is 16, the parity ratio of 1:2, the size ratio of 2:1, and the stress value to inconsistent with the previous period, and the value trend of rise, and the value returned to the placement than the previous 9 floating point values, and recently also expected keep steady in wandering, value and the value of the range of 12 – 19 a number of award number 7, number ball force is not stable, a ball out than the previous period rose 3 points cold code 7, number of ball movements back to high segment on the edge of the ball, the recent may also in the surrounding scope in the period of stay, the ball around the temperature stress decreased about code out, the ball number two in a promising 03459 award number 3, number ball trend is relatively stable, the ball trend unchanged, the ball number and the same point out the low hot code 3, code out of the ball bearing the same, The ball placement might still be wandering amplitude is not very large, while paying attention to high on the defensive rebound, the ball number three in a promising 12358 award number 6, the number of the ball bearing ball out of a sharp rise over the previous period rose 6 points in the end temperature code 6, both sides of the ball has been shaken, the other may be in the cold code driven out, out of the ball from the overall defense cold code point, the ball number value 01467 recommended: 036354421581934相关的主题文章:

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