New China’s first generation of film recording engineer Yuan Mingda died at the age of 90 winavi

The first generation of new China film studio Yuan Mingda died at the age of 90 – Beijing, Xinhua News Agency Changchun August 29th news (reporter Liu Shuo) reporter from the new China Changying group was informed that the first generation of film recording artist, Changchun famous movie recording engineer Yuan Mingda 26, died of illness in Changchun, at 90 years old. In October 1, 1945 Yuan Mingda joined the Northeast film company (Changchun studios predecessor), in May 1948 to join the Communist Party Chinese. Yuan Mingda has served as the film studio in Changchun studios, retired in 1986. The main works include "National Day" ten o’clock "female diving team" "wheel" and so on more than 30 movies, the opera piece, and "Stalingrad" Varyag cruiser "bloody" more than 20 films. Yuan Mingda served as China film career history many important film studio work, including the new China first set of "democracy", northeast news documentary short story "the first left him and the first" Laojiang science film "plague". During the filming of "the northeast of democracy", according to the instructions of the higher authorities, the soundtrack of this documentary is to use our own national music. The versatile Yuan Mingda is good at playing clarinet, trumpet, tenor, and other musical instruments, participated in the temporary Dongying amateur band, recorded music for "democracy" in Northeast china. The temporary band became the beginning of the new Chinese film orchestra. As one of the few witnessed "man Ying", Dongying, Changying three period of the film worker behind the scenes, Yuan Mingda was also part of the oral history has left precious material, for our country the development of the film industry to make history witness.相关的主题文章:

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