No credit card after the cancellation on the line You don’t know the secret.

No credit card after the cancellation on the line? The secret you do not know this article from the WeChat public number: gold online now, almost everyone has a hand or even a number of credit cards. Credit card lost, many people first reaction is the card. Some people think that the cancellation of the card too much, you can, but the fact is that so? Do not have to cancel the card on it? One case: Pin card more than 2 months after the bill is received by the Nanjing public Qiu told reporters that he in October last year the cancellation of a credit card, but a few days ago accidentally found a log in the mailbox when the letter of credit card electronic bills, display account is still owed 19 yuan. In this regard, Mr. Qiu some scratching their heads, "obviously more than 2 months ago has been selling cards, how will there be arrears? The bank is not wrong?" Reporters call the Bank Credit Card Center stakeholders, after a query understanding, the official reply: Mr. Qiu accounts in arrears, is at the end of September last year to have a credit card cash to pay the interest from now. Case two: credit card cancellation also generate arrears? According to reports, Harbin Ms. Chen recently told reporters reflect, her wallet lost last month, no credit card, immediately hit a bank customer service phone card pin, thought it was safe, do not want to have recently received 35 yuan bank debt bill. She called the bank again, that the original is the cost of the card sales card, deducted in the bill, the bank said the credit card cancellation in addition to the cancellation of the card, you have to cancel the account." Case three: credit card cancellation after six years to be informed of bad credit records? Zhuhai Miss Zeng’s credit card in six years ago has been canceled, after six years, she would like to buy a house loan, credit records have spent the end, was told not to buy! Six years ago, she repeatedly called to confirm the cancellation of the credit card, the bank has repeatedly received a positive answer, Miss Zeng thought it came to an end. I did not expect six years, the staff responsible for the loan but told her that she can not be a loan, she felt very aggrieved, the cause is actually not the money to pay off the credit card six years ago, $70. How to completely cancel the credit card? 1, insiders said, before the cancellation are generally required to see whether there are credit card debts. But in some cases it is impossible to see the bill, it is easy to make people think that has paid off. 2, there is a possibility that management fees, such as SMS notification fees, some banks are not deducted in advance, but the final deduction. In the middle of the day, the credit card bill does not show up. Seemingly simple credit card cancellation, there will be so many "secret", then, in the end how to properly cancel the credit card? Bank of China branch in Jiangsu Province Credit Card Center Peng manager, before the cancellation of the credit card, the first recognition of the annual fee waiver, it is best to deposit a penny, 10 yuan, $20 to offset the possible costs. After the cancellation of the 45 day, call the bank credit card customer service phone to confirm whether the cancellation of success, so as not to cancel the success of special reasons, and to leave a bad record. "There is a little need to remind that the cancellation of the credit card don’t throw the discarded, cut to magnetic stripe and then discarded so as not to be illegal, fraudulent." Peng manager also reminded that some of the cards have friends.相关的主题文章:

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