Moral charity in Tianjin 1 meter 16 in brawny dry and deliberately Zhao Gu sick wife – News – People

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Cancer had known , attention to seven signal

Xinhua Henan channel August 9 (by Li Yuanyang) a lot of pre-cancer will be a different signal, according to Henan Tumor Hospital, Internal Medicine physician Dr. Chen Xiaobing, deputy director of introduction, adults appear the following seven kinds of signals to be careful:

one, weight loss and healthy adults, body weight decreased significantly in the short term (for 1 to 2 months, down 4 to 5 kg), to pay attention may be gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic can

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Winter to improve sleep eight major factors

One evening before going to bed drink a glass of milk, is very beneficial to sleep because of the milk, there are two somniferum, an L-tryptophan, it can promote sleep serotonin synthesis, its role is more obvious, and some people drink a cup of milk will be able to sleep. the other is the natural morphine-like substances with a narcotic effect. From this perspective, the breakfast drink milk, should not drink. consumption of milk too much will make the cerebral cortex receive inhibition, to a c

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Not free to move patients – rolling News – 21CN.COM , urgent salvage experts acute myocardial infar

acute and

Beijing , salvage center urgent salvage experts , the occurrence of acute myocardial infarction , the patient first manifested as chest tightness, chest pain, the intensity is much larger than angina , and with sweat . Suspected acute myocardial infarction patients with these symptoms should immediately stop their activities , it is best to lie down and rest , do not stand up surrounded by people who do not speak loudly , so that patients maintain a stable mood , maintain goo

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Chinese medicine prevention and treatment of stroke which have obvious advantages

in the acute phase of stroke , critically ill patients more than and reduce the sequelae. The acute phase of stroke the most prone to pressure sores , must be done to prevent the occurrence of pressure sores , the ground stand up when the pressure part of the skin redness , application the palm rub or Waicha of oil , to improve local blood circulation .
stroke recovery and sequelae of the patients should be encouraged and in terms of their functional exercises . Paralyzed limbs can not be

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Patients and their disease manifestations vary

, Nasopharyngeal carcinoma incidence in patients with nasopharyngeal area, in addition to wall and pharyngeal recess, sometimes multiple. Eye view: NPC can be presented nodular, cauliflower-type, infiltrating, and ulcerative four forms, of which the most common type nodules, followed by cauliflower type. Early local mucosal rough, slightly elevated. Infiltrating nasopharyngeal mucosa intact, submucosal invasive carcinoma in growth, so that undetected before the primary cancer, cervical lymph nod

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Otitis media with effusion (secretory otitis medi)

Otitis media with effusion (secretory otitis medi)

Overview : The middle ear effusion and hearing loss as the main feature of non-suppurative inflammation of middle ear disease .

Name : otitis media with effusion ; serous otitis media ; mucous otitis media; catarrhal otitis media. Middle ear effusion were extremely sticky as glue ear (glue ear)

type : acute and chronic , the course of 8 weeks or more of secretory otitis media.

cause : eustachian tube dysfuncti

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Booger eating will help boost the immune system

– 24 hour rolling news – People

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● German celebrities such as soccer coach Le 伕 Pok eat booger to get health experts behind

● pull the booger , booger eating strengthen the immune system according to claim free health Pok

● rhinitis or nasal inflammation such as colds, nose booger should be promptly removed from the body

pull the booger has always been as as indecent action, but will also cause nasal injury. Medical stu

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iphone control ipad control should be careful eyes -ipad, eyes , mobile phones, children , ldquo, –

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nowadays indulge in iphone mobile phone, ipad more and more young people, bow intently, with the thumb, index finger an

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Outside cooling Hospital

infusion room morning and evening overflowing

can be seen from the outpatient registration books , and must Most of the patients is due to colds come to the hospital for treatment .
not let your child cross infection

leave children to see the doctor practice, the pediatrician would be very in favor. Children cold , in Pok schools , there is a potential wind Yan , that is, cross-infection . The doctor said , Pok school children intensity , coupled with playin

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Male gonococcal urethritis symptoms which – News – Qianlong fashion

male gonococcal urethritis symptoms of what? Beijing Military General Hospital, Urology experts, gonococcal urethritis referred to gonorrhea, is a common sexually transmitted diseases, male friends often become its victims. Then infected with gonococcal urethritis male friends, what symptoms would it? Experts detail below.
male gonococcal urethritis symptoms of what?
male gonococcal urethritis is often associated with chlamydial infection; Chlamydia is between the cells between the b

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