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Book-Reviews Every child knows that India has had more than its share of globally renowned artists who have left behind and continuing to do so, plenty of masterpieces. But India also has a countless number of artists who are not famous as some of their more fortunate counterparts, all the same are leaving behind a body of work when it .es to paper paintings that will figure right at the top of any connoisseurs list of favourites. There is plenty of available historical evidence that suggests that painting in India existed since very ancient times. Though it was only during the Mughal period when emperors like Akbar invited and encouraged artists from all over to practice and let the art grow in every which way that it can be said that the art of paintings on different kinds of paper took strong roots and flourished like anything. Several schools have influenced paper paintings in India! Besides the obvious Mughal influences, it was the artists from Rajasthan who contributed immense in every which way to the progress and advancement of this art. In fact, there are various schools that evolved in this craft rich Western state. These include the The schools with their distinctive features are — Bundi, Kishangarh, Jaipur, Marwar and Mewar. The Ragamala school of paintings as well as the Ragini school of paintings deserve special mention here. Outside of Rajasthan, the Madhubani region of Bihar gave birth to the now globally famous Madhubani school of paintings and then you have the Eastern Indias unmatched contribution as well. Then you go down south and find the Mysore school of painting and then equally famous Tanjore style of paintings. Now, all these different works are very much available at .parable prices online with the rise of online shopping in India in recent years. The latest and the best works are any away can be bought as can you buy or shop for the more exclusive efforts of these highly skilled artists. The lifestyle changes that are taking place in society can be readily seen in the more trendy works that exude a totally modern and contemporary charm and uniqueness all their very own. From gods and goddesses to bird and animal life, women, floral patterns, nature, landscape, etc are the pet themes as are more unique objects like arms and ammunitions used in war fare and scenes from the life of the royalty. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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