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Parents should not say more than five words – the mother and child of the Sohu was born not the same girl, parents education is also different. The girl always seems to be required quiet, obedient, boy is crying, the result is not good always become the parents in the eyes of the problem…… Over time, the number of times, parents may speak too much. In the eyes of psychologists, parents in the education of their children, there are 5 most taboo words. Girl girl to have a girl like a 3 year old boy with a few Beibei games, play sweating. My mother saw it, said: "women should have the girls look, don’t talk like a tomboy!" generally speaking, children can own gender recognition around the age of 3, and naturally the role of internal compliance requirements, showing gender differences on the behavior. Since then, the girl became quiet, playing house; boys become lively, playful and sticks. Often denied by the gender of the parents, the child will feel confused, and because they did not meet the expectations of parents and sad, which is particularly sensitive to the girls. How to get dirty, the small Yan playing outside are covered in mud, dad is not happily say: "every girl, don’t get dirty." Girls are taught to love clean, talk and whisper, and sensitive nature, if parents often criticized the "dirty" and "health" and so on, girls may feel ashamed, hurt. In fact, the girl can be like a boy, try to like things. Don’t be afraid of their children will limit her dirty play sand, digging, stepping on mud, no one shall have the elegant, quiet girl. Don’t be so rude to see uncle aunt to say hello, how rude! "This words the boy may not put in the mind, but the girl was always said" no polite ", may make little heart shadow. In fact, it may be that the child is not ready, it may not be aware of the immediate aunt uncle, parents have empathy. In addition, adults and children may wish to squat down, let her feel more intimate, but also more willing to say hello. How can you do it "you’re a girl, how can you do it, let daddy come." Girls are more likely to be loved and protected by their mother and father. However, if they have instilled this restrictive thinking mode, so that they feel they are not as good as men, a lot of things can not be done, it is difficult to separate in the future, and even in marriage may be dependent on the man. The girl, also want to replace the restrictions with encouragement, in a reasonable range of security to let her brave attempt. Don’t say what, just smile girl often are reserved to smiling, even if not happy or what you want, must also be depressed in the heart. In fact, long-term repression is not conducive to the development of children’s ability to express, but also may let the child’s psychological distortions. Parents to teach girls to learn to express emotions rather than hide emotions, happy when you want to laugh, be angry when you say it, naturally generous girl most popular. Boys are not allowed to cry, do not like the little girl’s life often have such a picture: parents ordered boys not to cry,.相关的主题文章:

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