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" abjection noble " platinum prices fell to a minimum of ten years the Spring Festival sales are still light Sohu financing compared to gold and silver, is regarded as a family of metal "noble" platinum is now very lonely. From the 2008 financial crisis started Diaojia platinum has now dropped to about 10 years minimum, and during the Spring Festival this season is not prosperous. In February 3rd, Zhou Shengsheng’s platinum jewelry price was 314 yuan, a nearly 10 grams of platinum necklace, plus the cost of less than 4000 yuan. According to the salesman related stock movements, the highest listing price of platinum has reached 600 yuan grams, the same necklace price has now dropped half. Previously, the Reuters of 31 analysts and traders survey shows that this year’s platinum median estimate of $904 per ounce (about 185 yuan, the lowest price for G) since 2005, compared with the three months before the survey results of nearly 20% lower. Twenty-first Century jewelry network operations director Fan diligently to the surging news reporter said that platinum is mainly used for automobile parts industrial use, began in 2008 after the financial crisis fell, although after the rebound, but from 2011 yellow platinum prices began to appear upside down, now the price of platinum has been almost close to 2005 levels. Price declines did not promote sales growth. Zhou Dafu had released as of September 30, 2015 semi annual report shows that during the reporting period the platinum gold product sales fell by 24.4%, higher than the decline of watches and jewelry inlaid jewelry. The United States withdrew the impact of loose monetary policy and political, military and economic conflicts and other comprehensive factors, the international price of gold since last year of severe shocks, coupled with the 2013 "gold rush" caused by consumer overdraft, China gold jewelry demand sales slump. According to the data released by the International Platinum Association, the total retail sales of platinum jewelry dropped by 3% in 2014. Many jewelers in order to boost performance, to broaden the product category, for example, will Laofengxiang carvings and other new categories of products included in the enamel chain series, platinum has distinguished identity increasingly bleak. Compared with gold, platinum is purely consumer goods, no financial attributes. As far as the world is concerned, only the Japanese and Chinese like to make jewelry with platinum, and China is now the largest consumer of platinum jewelry in the world. The past few days adjacent with the Spring Festival, either gold or platinum weight prices rose slightly, but was forced by the situation, the general shopping malls counters are promotional activities, even if the weight does not fall, the fee can be discounted. Even so, the sale of platinum is still weak. Shopping malls front, more consumers in the purchase of gold jewelry. The sales staff said, Chinese had to buy gold jewelry before the spring festival tradition, this year with the development of 3D technology of hard gold, Gold Pendant style is rich, is very popular among young people, and now more for Platinum Wedding jewelry. In addition to the wedding market, platinum sales people also hope more pinned on the inlaid jewelry. Gao Weicheng, director general of the China Association of International Platinum Association, previously said that platinum and diamonds are more compatible, which is a major advantage of platinum, platinum inlay.

"落魄贵族"铂金价格跌至十年最低 春节销售仍清淡-搜狐理财   相比黄金白银,被视为金属家族中“贵族”的铂金如今却很落魄。  从2008年金融危机开始掉价的铂金如今已经跌至约10年最低,而且在春节这一销售旺季仍旺不起来。  2月3日,周生生当日的铂金饰品报价为314元 克,一根近10克的铂金项链加上工费不到4000元。据售货员介 相关公司股票走势 绍,铂金最高挂牌价曾到达600元 克,同样一根项链售价如今已经跌半。  此前,路透社对31位分析师和交易员的调查显示,今年铂金预估中值为每盎司904美元(约185元 克),为2005年以来最低均价,较三个月前的调查结果低近20%。  21世纪珠宝网运营总监范勤奋向澎湃新闻记者介绍说,铂金主要用于汽车部件等工业用途,2008年金融危机后开始出现下跌,后虽有反弹,但从2011年黄铂金价格开始出现倒挂,现在铂金的价格已经差不多接近2005年的水平。  价格下跌并没有促进销售增长。  周大福此前发布的截至2015年9月30日的半年报显示,报告期内铂金 K金产品的营业额下降了24.4%,高于钟表和珠宝镶嵌首饰的跌幅。  受美国退出宽松货币政策和地缘政治、军事、经济冲突等综合因素影响,国际金价去年以来震荡剧烈,再加上2013年“抢金潮”带来的消费透支,中国金饰品需求销售低迷。据国际铂金协会此前公布的数据,2014年铂金首饰零售总量下跌3%。  很多珠宝商为了提振业绩,不得不拓宽产品品类,譬如老凤祥将牙雕艺术品、珐琅等新门类纳入产品链系列,铂金曾经尊贵的身份愈发暗淡。  和黄金相比,铂金是纯粹的消费品,没有金融属性。就全球而言,只有日本人和中国人喜欢用铂金做首饰,中国目前是全球铂金首饰的第一消费大国。  近几日随着春节邻近,不管黄金还是铂金克重价格均略有上涨,但受形势所逼,一般商场柜台均有促销活动,即便克重不降,工费也能打折。  即便如此,铂金的销售情况仍然不振。商场柜台前,更多的消费者在选购黄金饰品。有销售人员表示,中国人本来就有在春节之前购买黄金饰品的传统,这两年随着3D硬金技术的发展,黄金挂坠的样式也丰富起来,很受年轻人的欢迎,而铂金现在更多是用于婚庆首饰。  除了婚庆市场,铂金销售人士还把希望更多地寄托在镶嵌饰品上。国际铂金协会中国区董事总经理高伟诚此前表示,铂金和钻石更为相配,这是铂金的一大优势,铂金镶嵌类市场也正在呈现增长态势,2014年铂金镶嵌类首饰表现抢眼,增长达到11%。相关的主题文章:

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