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The police cracked a gun case gun, is a symbol of the progress of human civilization, helping people overcome a lot of danger, help many people achieve a heroic dream, but at the same time, one of the most terrible nightmare of guns is human, flashing light engulfed the lives of countless people! In China, no documents related to the individual purchase, sale, use of firearms (including ball gun in this paper) is strictly prohibited. However, there are still some people, or for profit, or to stimulate the rush into danger: Recently, the police cracked a gun case: a University Harbin Songbei Junior Wang Wei to "flash" in the name of gun parts, stem from the online shopping video teach buyers assembled "a big deal", each earned 300 price 2000 yuan. The investigation, "flash" on the line from field to buy firearms parts, video teaching buyers hand assembled, make the difference. Although only a middleman, but every day capital income, a shotgun price of 1000 yuan – 2500 yuan (three hundred or four hundred yuan fare), a spear price of 4500 yuan (increase of 1000 to 2000 yuan), and the sale model is complete. The composition of gun power is very great, some can easily breakdown household anti-theft door within 50 meters. Subsequently, the police also found a lightning man two downline agents, the same age of Wang Wei and two. It is understood that since the Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Corps since the beginning of the year to carry out special action shotgun, cracked 9 cases of network Fanqiang cases, criminal suspects and arrested more than 100, and seized more than and 100 firearms, thousands of pieces of various parts, lead to thousands of pieces of steel ball.相关的主题文章:

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