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"Poor rich dad" Wu Siyuan invited Wang Jianlin and his son to watch the Sina entertainment news the day before, starring Kevin Cheng [micro-blog], little bin and Li Chengyuan’s comedy "poor rich dad" premiere held a press conference in Beijing, producer Wu Siyuan, director Zhang Jianting [micro-blog] with the creative scene. The film by Hongkong twice won the award for Best Screenplay Zhang Jianting wrote and directed, tells the story of a rich dad to educate the spoiled rich two generation son, he pretended to take the story of Hongkong QiongYou bankruptcy. Conference Wu Siyuan also gave Wang Jianlin a loudspeaker, inviting him with Wang Sicong [micro-blog] to see the film, because Wang Jianlin is the most Chinese "rich dad". "The true story of poor rich dad" is based on the writer director Alfred Cheung and his side, he was with her daughter QiongYou Korea, now he will exaggerate this experience more fun, and then made a dramatic, this "poor rich dad" movie. Along the way, they encounter black tour, witnessed the underlying poor life difficult and good character, the change of brain trip harvest double effect, entertainment and education. Talking about the movie creation intention, the director said: "with the growth of the age, I reflect a lot of problems in the family education and children’s contact, if only to give children money left as legacy is so lack. This script, the film is to be able to give their children to leave a ‘Cultural Heritage’, allowing children to see their own childhood through a variety of." Director Zhang Jianting also asked his daughter Zhang Yinuo sings the theme song, he did not think the daughter for the concert singing experience more than occupation singer. Conference site also exposed the theme song for the first time MV. "Poor rich dad" by the "Hongkong film Godfather" Wu Siyuan came back as a producer, he played "" startling step by step eight the elder brother of Hongkong actor and singer Kevin Cheng as the "rich dad", Taiwan star little bin as naughty son; was in a "female biography" and "Princess" Shanshan to Li Chengyuan as the beginning of unidentified actress debut. The film will be in theaters nationwide in November 10th. (He Xiaoqin Wen Chen Zhi (camera): small commissioning editor 000)相关的主题文章:

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