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Happy birth pregnant women concerned about the mountain: let us for the two generation of " in August 23rd, "" endorsement; happiness happiness happiness China image delivery" activities of "Happy birth plan" visits to the last leg of this trip: Minxian Gansu city in Dingxi province. Visit plan continued for a week, the image of the way to record the survival of pregnant women in poor areas. By China social welfare foundation, China Foundation sponsored happy childbirth welfare fund, Sina micro public welfare as the exclusive social commonweal communication platform. Gansu Station conducted a total of 12 mothers home visits, payment of the value of 300 to 500 yuan package delivery hundreds of happy pregnancy. The first day of the trip, visit in the Minxian Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine held a happy birth mother charity classroom, the classroom has attracted more than 50 labor and production by parents listening, happy childbirth special expert brought wonderful to share for everyone from the scientific perspective on postpartum care, mothers who are listening very attentively. It is understood that the whole Minxian has three conditions of delivery of the county hospital, a total of 150 beds. Mothers from the township to the county seat, the farthest need five hours, the nearest also more than half an hour. Due to the many local pregnant women do not attach importance to the health of the individual, so the lack of nutrition during pregnancy is relatively common, leading to maternal and neonatal anemia are more. The Minxian times 22 years old in Gansu city of Dingxi province Shen Xiang sandy village 22 year old little times have been pregnant with their second child. When the eldest daughter of 18 years old, pregnant for 4 months before marriage. Minxian is a small town, the family are worried that she married her husband in a remote mountain village will suffer, so I do not agree. But after two people’s efforts, the family finally agreed. Small times said that she only married a daughter born twists and turns, also experienced a series of setbacks. At that time gave birth to a whole night did not come out, the children began to lack of oxygen, and finally had to caesarean section, but mother and daughter safe. Now pregnant with a second child 9 months, more than the first reaction. She is also very careful, will regularly check the Minxian Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. For this one, she and her husband are very much looking forward to, has a daughter, a son can be the most perfect, she said with a smile. The 20 year old Minxian Wo Tuo Xiang Wo Tuo Cun Lin Gansu city in Dingxi Province, she married this year, there have been 7 months pregnant, and her marriage did not expect so soon conceive. No brothers, husband married into their home, so pregnant is always affected by parental care linlin. But the parents’ health is also worrying, not a good father of spinal mobility, the mother suffering from rheumatism can not do heavy work, and the grandmother and a little sister, with little life coming, a family of seven, almost all rely on her husband to earn money to support one family. The home is also a kind of medicinal herbs, but the land is very small, can only earn a small income, and sometimes even lose money. In the days of more constraints, in addition to their own baby Linlin made some little clothes, and did not make other preparations. She said she likes boys, hope the baby can be born healthy. Xiao Xiao 34 years old in Dingxi city of Gansu province Minxian Meichuan town 34 years old.相关的主题文章:

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