Reminder that’s not the Champions League 3 game losing nearly 5 war team has fluctuation

Reminder: that’s not the Champions League 3 game losing nearly 5 war team has forecast volatility [Champions League football: Besiktas vs] Naples start time: 2016-11-02 analysis: FUN88 01:45 hunting ball: 3.20 3.25 2.07 FUN88 initial compensation: 3.35 3.35 2.15 instant Beixikedasi? & nbsp; the Champions League fourth round game B group, Beixikedasi at home court against Serie A giants Naples. At present, the team temporarily 5 points in the group’s position in the group of second. ?   Besiktas last season in the Super League in good soil, finally again after a lapse of six years to taste the league, the new season 6 wins 3 flat unbeaten Premier League second.  ?; the weekend of the League coach up the main part of this week to prepare for the Champions League group stage under the condition of Besiktas earlier lost a ball under the circumstances of 1-1 and Genkelebi draw away. ?   the Champions League is the team into the group phase again after a lapse of 6 years after the Champions League first round in Benfica away unscathed is that the team fighting capacity is not weak, the second round of home court 1-1 draw with Wu Chao powerhouse dynamo Kiev, the visiting team in the last round 3-2 defeat of the rival Naples. ?   after the start of the new season, Besiktas nine League 6 wins 3 flat unbeaten, scoring 19 goals during the total lost 7 ball, offensive performance, sahan, Eqiya Tolson, other local players have Koop stable play, plus Talisika, Quarles horse outstanding individual ability foreign aid assistance, Beixikedasi fighting force should not be underestimated. Naples?   Naples last season ranked second in Serie A, 9 points behind champions Juventus this season, the league the first 10 games recorded 6 wins 2 flat 3 negative, behind in the standings in fifth place, 7 points behind with juventus.  ?; Naples in the Champions League group phase first round away first lost a ball, with Milic scored two successful win against Dinamo Kiev, the second round of the Naples home court 4-2 beat the Portuguese Champions League this season this has made a good start, but the team in the last round of home court 2-3 lost to Besiktas at present, the Naples team accumulated 6 points to occupy the top position.   Naples recently in the domestic league performance is not good, the recent 5 round of the League lost the game, the League Round away 1-2 defeat to Juventus, the state of the team a little bit of volatility in the.  ?; Naples main right wing kaliehong in the season after Gonzalo Higuain leaving the team to assume the offensive team striker Cleveland, 11 league goals and 1 assists with 7.   FIFA? But Naples suffered the invasion of the virus, this season to play well the new aid injured striker Milic in the preliminaries, will be out for 3 to 4 months, is not a small loss of the battle for multi line in Naples. .相关的主题文章:

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