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The old man: its prevalence reduction he cannot save reduction: the elderly themselves sick, he can save the day to see the old man as a matter of fact, the incidence of more than one brother jiang. In the wine investment company Sanjiang port shall command outside by the sanitation workers Kang Yiping told reporters, shortly after the old man fell to the ground, all work in the vicinity of the sanitation workers, a security guard found. "I went to call him, but he did not promise." Kang Yiping, Yi Investment Company patrol Qing Wen also called the past the elderly, the elderly or no activity. Kang Yiping said that she was illiterate, had never encountered such a thing, so I don’t know what to do. Then, there are several young men running past, it hit a 120 emergency call for help. Cuiping District police also confirmed to reporters, when the district police station and emergency medical personnel arrived, the old man has died. "The old man is Wen Jiang County, long-term rental in the south. My family knows its alcohol and heart disease, no objection to its death." Some netizens said this, because Jiang brother no professional knowledge of first aid, the elderly and heart disease is irreversible, so even when Jiang brother left to take care of the elderly, can save the life of the elderly. Netizens advised Jiang brother don’t blame yourself too much, just forget it later. But Jiang brother mind is still hard, "if at that time and I like the way people, do not be careless, or a little more warm-hearted, get help, or even our own hands to help, even if can early emergency telephone call, may be another ending."

 还原:老人自身患病 他难以挽救   还原:老人自身患病,他难以挽救   事实上,当天看到老人发病的,不止江哥一人。在酒都路宜投公司三江口指挥部外打地的环卫工人康一萍告诉记者,老人倒地后不久,在附近工作的环卫工人、保安都发现了。“我走过去喊他,但他没答应。”康一萍介绍,宜投公司的巡逻队员卿文也过去呼喊了老人,老人还是没动静。康一萍说,她不识字,从来没遇到过这种事,所以不知道该怎么办。   再之后,是有几个跑步的年轻人路过,这才打了120急救电话求助。翠屏区警方人员也向记者证实,当辖区派出所民警和医疗急救人员赶到时,老人已经去世。“老人是高县文江人,长期租住在南岸。家人知其嗜酒且有心脏病,对其死因无异议。”   有网友们据此表示,因为江哥没有专业急救知识,老人的心脏病又不可逆转,因此即使当时江哥留下来照顾老人,也救不了老人的命。网友们劝江哥不要太自责,过去了就算了吧。   但江哥心绪依然难平,“如果当时和我一样的路人们,不那么大意,或者说稍微多一点热心肠,早点帮一把,或者就算我们自己不动手去帮,哪怕能够早点拨打急救电话,也许是另一种结局。”相关的主题文章:

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