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Senior fruit powder to tell you: don’t buy iPhone 7! Phoenix Technology News Beijing time on September 10th news, but also to the annual income of the season, Sao year, your kidney okay? Although already exposed completely, but see the high-end black iPhone 7 for a moment, you will not feel the body is empty? I Know, you’ve been fascinated by the bright black eyes. But! Before you are ready to donate maishen, please watch this video — a summary of the 10 senior drivers don’t buy iPhone for 7 reasons, after buying not later! This video from EverythingApplePro (a well-known Youtube podcast, senior fruit powder) new products every year, although he will buy apple in the first time, but this is an exception, because he felt that iPhone 7 is not worth buying, but also summarizes the 10 reasons, each are very persuasive. What are the 10 specific? Watch your videos! PS: if you are around her (wife, girlfriend, future girlfriend) to let you (suggest you) to buy her a iPhone 7, you can let her inadvertently see this video. Well, I can only help you here. – if you have a good kidney, it will be sunny. (compile ambition)相关的主题文章:

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