Shandong Mid Autumn Festival is the most concentrated, city inventory is not concerned about moon ca

Shandong Mid Autumn Festival is the most concentrated, the city is not the most concerned about the moon cake, Moon Festival in September, people mostly through the moon and the reunion and other forms to express their blessings and homesickness. "A tradition of eating moon cake is the Mid Autumn Festival, every kind of" stuffing "not only makes people unable to hide greeds, is the best gift to friends and relatives. However, through the statistics of today’s headline statistics, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival is not the moon cake that everyone cares most about. Most concerned about the Mid Autumn Festival City – Qingdao, through the mid autumn heat map, the strongest flavor of the Mid Autumn Festival in Qingdao, followed by the provincial capital of Ji’nan. What do you care most about Mid Autumn Festival? "National Day" has become the focus of attention in the Mid Autumn Festival, in today’s headlines "National Day" related articles reading is nearly three times the Mid Autumn Festival holiday". "Home" and "Mid Autumn Festival" have been mentioned nearly ten million times in the past year! Fifth in the hottest reading list. Moon cake actually has "leek egg stuffing""! What kind of moon cakes do people like to eat in Shandong? The answer is the traditional "five Ren moon cake"". However, among many moon cake stuffing, "leek egg stuffing" moon cake has received nearly 10000 times of concern, it seems that the public’s taste is still quite a lot. Finally, the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and everyone remembers to greet the family.

山东中秋节味最浓城市盘点 最关心的不是月饼   适逢中秋九月,人们大都通过赏月和团聚等形式,来表达自己的祝福和思乡之情。“吃月饼”也是中秋节的一个传统,各式各样的“馅”不仅让人垂涎欲滴,更是馈赠亲友的佳品。不过,通过今日头条算数中心统计的数据来看,今年的中秋节大家最关心的则不是月饼。   最关注中秋的城市——青岛   通过中秋热度地图来看,中秋节味最浓的是在青岛市,省会济南紧随其后。   中秋节最关心什么?   “国庆节”成为大家在中秋关注的焦点,在今日头条“国庆”的相关文章的阅读数是中秋假期的“近三倍”。   中秋热门阅读词——回家   在过去一年中,“回家”和“中秋”同时被提及近千万次!在最热阅读词中排第五。   月饼——竟然有“韭菜鸡蛋馅”!   山东人最喜欢吃什么馅的月饼?答案是传统的“五仁月饼”。不过,在众多月饼馅当中,“韭菜鸡蛋馅”月饼获得网友近万次关注,看来大众的口味还是蛮多的。   最后,“中秋”到了,大家记得多问候下家人。相关的主题文章:

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