Shanghai sperm bank can not order father can provide sperm insurance for men (video) spyair

Shanghai sperm bank to "order dad" can provide insurance for the male sperm (Figure 1) the recent news that the London sperm bank launched a commonly known as "father order" of the application, there is a need for women on mobile devices such as the selection of goods as to pick out the right donor. The news came out, the female social circle: There were many discussions. Don’t rush to get married, buy a sperm can give birth to a child…… Of course, this is only a joke. Reporters from the Shanghai human sperm bank learned that the donor has strict regulations, only when one of the spouses of the man when there is a problem, a woman can choose artificial insemination and the sperm bank legally obtained sperm. If you want to choose, it is only in place of origin in general screening, such as southern people do not choose the North sperm for sale is not possible. However, although the Shanghai sperm bank does not provide ordering father service, but also for a sperm insurance services. Shanghai human sperm bank from 2009 to carry out reproductive insurance, frozen sperm samples 2348 copies. The preservation of patients before surgery or chemotherapy before and after chemotherapy for possible period of want or need. Of course, reproductive insurance is not just for cancer patients, but for all men. In the reproductive andrology doctors, healthy men should have this awareness, especially some high-risk groups, such as regular exposure to radiation, high temperature and dangerous substances. Small aged over thirty, stable work, family harmony. Thought, life can survive this firm and secure. Who would have thought that age was wrapped around cancer. The moment that he was suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Chen eyes a black, do not know what a good response to the. Ill have to rule, this is no doubt, Chen and his wife have not wavered for determination. They also know that treatment is racing against time, but really to make a decision, the young couple hesitated. The reason is that they do not have children. Chen heard that after chemotherapy, it is difficult to have children of their own, have mixed feelings. When they shilly-shally, Chen doctor friend told him, had seen "autologous sperm freezing" in the news on the Internet, it seems they can be solved as pressing danger. After the consultation, Chen found the Shanghai human sperm bank. "Reproductive insurance", which is a fine save from the project, before surgery in his sperm after frozen Chen first, if necessary, can do assisted reproductive recovery. The good news is like a reassurance, so that he can stand firm in the face of cancer treatment. Deputy director of the Shanghai human sperm bank reproductive andrology expert Dr. Chen Xiangfeng told us, when Chen went to the frozen sperm, is doing before the operation. "They are very conscious, Chen when frozen semen, his wife also do a series of assisted reproductive preparation in Sun Yun professor of reproductive medicine center under the guidance of Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine." Chen Xiangfeng said Chen edge over WeChat, two couples have been in contact with him, has been in the reproduction by test tube baby technology successful pregnancy center Renji Hospital, two weeks before the contact with him, has been pregnant for 18 weeks, "Xiao Chen and I often joke that you are really lucky. Hold your life, but also keep)相关的主题文章:

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