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"Small meat film" why cold? Secret behind the reasons – Hu Xiang 2015, Chinese film box office historic breakthrough 44 billion, the beginning of this year, the rapid growth of the movie box office, the industry is optimistic about the summer file full of expectations. The summer box office unexpectedly cold, on the screen number of growth at the same time, the total box office flat with last summer, the growth rate was the lowest in recent years. But for domestic film ratio decreased from 72% to 52%, especially by the high value of the yen little meat starred in a film scene no longer, "small meat +IP+ youth film" model seems to come to a turning point. "Youth film little meat cold market in recent years are most likely to follow the trend of the subject, after several years of sedimentation, has formed a plot structure and combination mode of fixed value, high Yan" small meat actor is an indispensable part of. Especially in the fans economy growing age, small meat has a strong influence in. This little meat film "cold, acting is the biggest mishap. In a recent survey of young actors acting poor rankings, a few small meat you are on the list, especially almost contracted this summer youth film a little meat topped the list, it seems a little meat performance difference has become a consensus of the audience survey the results also showed viewers of "little meat works of low quality complaints. Careful analysis, now little meat acting difference is not difficult to understand – they are not trained, in order to highlight the value of Yan lights, camera, the film will make adjustments, such as a large number of features, soft light, mobile camera unnecessary, the pursuit of gorgeous visual MV…… In the performance of the appearance of excessive force, it is difficult to touch the inner world of characters. In particular, the immaturity of non professional actors are not in place, more likely to undermine the integrity of the film art level, the audience’s viewing experience is often very embarrassing. If things go on like this, who will want to go to the cinema? In addition, the film script is not high quality is also an important reason. The young actor in films, mostly IP adapted mainly from the origin of the youth "Youth" to this year’s "2" Youth ", there are trees in summer and hope to heaven", because the original screenplay for the film as a foundation, the dependence is not so high, the script appeared old-fashioned, plot the lack of emotional logic, characters too superficial problems such as basic. These films are no longer purely artistic creations, and like a sophisticated product, it is more closely linked with the capital market. Such as the base became popular issue, these little meat major film almost invariably involved in the release of security at the end, this film is more like a financial investment tool, with a work of art in an attempt to move billions of dollars in capital market, this is actually a gamble. To some extent, the film market has been like financial markets, investment success when there will be a number of lucrative, as do the real economy seriously movie? And this year coincides with the "small", the film quality is not amenable to "small meat film" first, with the exception of a few other films with the success of the film base failed, some.相关的主题文章:

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