Solid tooth kidney, longevity health very much

Solid tooth kidney, longevity health very much small cheats [review] "baopuzi" should be · miscellaneous record: "or ask the teeth of. Bao Pu Zi said: "can raise to Huachi, soaked in wine liquid, built three hundred teeth early in the morning, never shake." This week Reze Taoism is a rebirth of music students in religion, immortals, ever-young for the pursuit of goals, so the "Taoist scriptures" recorded in many health and life extension of operation. Today we will share with you a very simple regimen: teeth. If you can insist for a long time, be able to tooth kidney, longevity. Solid tooth kidney, the longevity data figure three hundred in the morning to build teeth will never waver in traditional Chinese medicine, and the kidney is the congenital foundation, the source of life. Kidney and bone marrow, and the tine is bone, kidney, so the tooth has become one of the signs of a healthy life, old age strong teeth for more healthy performance. Recently read Ge Hong "baopuzi", found a tooth maintenance method: "early morning build teeth three hundred, never falter, namely knocking. In the Taoist Medicine Classics in the multitude, like this seemingly unremarkable but have great utility records, there are many. We want to say today knocking is one example. "Hold a park son · miscellaneous should" record way: "ask the way of hard tooth. Bao Pu Zi said: "can raise to Huachi, soaked in wine liquid, built three hundred teeth early in the morning, never shake." Huachi oral fluid in mouth, the wine refers to the liquid, that is to say with the mouth to maintenance, with fluid in mouth to infiltration, every morning knocking three hundred, the teeth will never shake. The family health of teeth very much actually, Chinese knocking history can be traced back to the Han dynasty. The Han Dynasty unearthed in Mawangdui Changsha books, has written: "when the knock knock teeth 30, long worm tooth, a tooth". Changsha Mawangdui Han Dynasty unearthed silk (network information) for over two thousand years, the family health of us very much, following a few examples. In the Northern Dynasties of Yan Zhitui "YanShiJiaXun" · health articles about knocking experience: "I have teeth, shake to fall, eating hot and cold, are suffering pain. See "baopuzi" prison tooth, knocking three hundred for good morning. For several days, even if the peace, the constant holding. They were small, only can also repair damage." He said he was suffering from dental pain, loose teeth were lost, eat hot things, have to suffer the pain. See the "tooth method baopuzi" in, insist on a few days, did not expect the toothache incredibly well, then insist on down. He also urged people to this kind of method, no damage to other things, you can learn. Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty "idle" night: "a white Lao Tzu, Yong Jo Rengyin several. Forget the night sit sleep, lying yasutomo not. It can not be closed eyes, teeth." Su Shi of the Song Dynasty in "safe health theory" on Zhang Jue in more detail in a record: "every night to son, dressed from the east side, if thirty-six foot, disc, knocking." These poems revealed, they are a faithful practitioner of teeth. In the Qing Dynasty, Cao Tingdong, the old and the old words, also recorded: "since the morning gargle, it often…… Fajie prison tooth相关的主题文章:

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