Some want to be in the heart, quietly waiting; some read in love, silently thinking

Some want to be in the heart, quietly waiting; some read in love, silent concern public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: the text in the junkmen a lifetime lover, not a love with vigour and vitality, is not what a solemn pledge of love promise and oath. But through the bustling world, after vicissitudes, can hold your hands, give you a gentle slope. Love, do not be too full, just good temperature, is to make people happy. Happiness is a warm love, life experience, perhaps after numerous failures, but once you will be going. In spiritual love, we must learn to develop love, feel love, put down only for myself alone, open heart, and learn to give love, you will gain the same sincere love. Some sincere love in the heart, waiting quietly; some read in love, silently thinking. If you love a person, please give him a deep caring and full freedom, not because of his occasional silence and indissoluble amorous feelings and depressed, maybe when you anxious, he is not happy, time will tell you: the ordinary company, it is for a long time. Common with some memories, by the time of annihilation, returned to the years; some of the stories, was forgotten for the time of season, advance. Not all the love, have the opportunity to spend; not all together, can go bald. So, you do not need to use love to someone in mind, if it is love, not necessarily have to have. Don’t necessarily have the time flies, we go those years away, only in the heart, is the most warm memories of the picture. With a soft heart, in a thick care but relaxed leisurely, forget the world, forget is not, my heart, in that no one can find the corner. Forget the world life cycle staged the drama theater, a person, a city finally understand the meaning of love, is to let you selfish for only one person writing ambition. (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章:

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