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Son Ye Jin regrets Korean women too little to want to play the Korean movie "kill Bill" – Sohu Son Ye Jin entertainment Busan Film Festival, Busan Film Festival Audience Son Ye Jin talk talk audience Sohu Korean Entertainment News 8 afternoon, in the Piazza Busan Haeundae Movie Palace OPEN TALK activities, as a guest of Son Ye Jin and frank confided her modesty the current distress and for performing ideas, showing as South Korea’s top actress’s extraordinary charm. This year’s release of the "Dehui master" and "no secrets" two movies, Son Ye Jin is very special. She said that two works are described as "fingers", are indispensable. "No" secret "and" Dehui Weng main "although the shooting time is different, but the accidental release time is very close to the" no secret "than the public reaction, some people will love it, and" Dehui "is the main Weng resonate in many viewers can, very sad one the movie, the two works are equally important to me." In the film biography "and" Dehui Weng main thriller "no secret" in the two film, Son Ye Jin have demonstrated a very deep acting. She said: "Dehui Weng Lord" from more than and 20 years old to play, so I was not able to play at the age of more than and 20, but by the age of more than and 30, I can play." "Many of the audience and read the" Dehui Weng main reaction also makes Son Ye Jin feel deeply. "I finally feel that I have become the kind of actor who can arouse the audience’s sympathy and give the audience an impression, which makes me feel very warm." Son Ye Jin had worked with many excellent actors, including Zheng Yusheng, Bae Yong Jun and Puhairi etc.. For the new partner Zheng Yusheng, she said very grateful. In the show, she bluntly from Bae Yong Jun learned a lot, just for the cooperation of "Dehui" the main Puhairi Weng, Son Ye Jin admits he is he always wanted to co actors, "he helped me more into the" Dehui Weng main "performances." For the current actor as the center, very few women in the Korean film industry, Son Ye Jin also expressed regret. "The movie actor group play too much, I think the actress group play should also be very handsome, and if Jeon Do-yun or Jin Huixiu predecessors predecessors, together making a" kill Bill "words, that film must be very good." Son Ye Jin OpenTalk live Son Ye Jin OpenTalk live talk about life, the life of the actor as a metaphor for the days of the marathon as a metaphor for her as a marathon in the world of. "I don’t plan very long, like a marathon, not entangled in a work and, if you want to have an actor, you can’t be too obsessed with something." At the same time, she also confided his distress, "now I have very good luck, did not encounter what problem, as the actor’s dream has been realized, but also encounter works not popular, or performing too difficult, too painful, I always worry about what I can do when, what degree. There are many frustrating moments, so I have been in constant play then, to ensure my enthusiasm.  相关的主题文章:

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